I’m not a princess. How do I undo what I’ve become?

WARNING:  This blog is only for girls who feel ashamed, guilty, uncertain of who they are, unhappy with who they’ve become and want change.

FOOTNOTE:  When I employ the term ‘princess’ I don’t mean a snobby, spoiled, rich girl.  I mean a beautiful, invaluable, precious gem.  Now let’s begin.

So many of us grew up on the Disney fairy tales.  Most of us have a favorite princess.  Mine is Cinderella and Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty).  Cinderella was not only stunning, but she had this remarkable humility and kindness that was absolutely admirable.  She is definitely an ideal role model.  I love her for her heart.  Despite her childhood tragedies and unfortunate circumstances, she did not allow bitterness to fester and grow in her heart.  She found the joy in everyday life, singing with birds and doing her chores with glee.  She had hope that one day, things would get brighter.  And her hope did not let her down.  And what I loved about Sleeping Beauty wasn’t so much Aurora, although to me, she was the most beautiful princess of them all, but her prince.   He definitely gave the other princes a run for their money.  Prince Philip didn’t just show up at the end and save her with a kiss or give her a lift in a chariot, he sacrificed his very life for her.  He faced the most dangerous obstacles and the most treacherous enemy of his lifetime to rescue his sleeping princess.  He was a hero.

When we reflect on our favorite princesses we remember hoping to someday be in her shoes with a prince charming of our own.  But what happened?  If you’re like me in any way, shape or form, you were either tricked by a frog dressed as a prince or knew the guy was a frog, but gave him a chance anyway.  And after that first break-up, things seemed to go down-hill from there.  Frog after frog kept hopping into your life, leaving you bruised and broken without much hope for a future prince.  These guys or maybe just one, hurt you or used you or mistreated you in a way that made you feel devalued.  Where you’re at now, is not where you saw yourself then.  Well, aren’t you in the perfect position for a knight to ride in on a white horse and sweep you off your feet.

When Cinderella and Aurora were in their darkest time in life, that’s when a prince came walking into their path.  Now, there’s a slight addition into the sequence of the plot that isn’t mentioned in these tales.  Before you can be with a prince, you have to become a princess and here’s the clincher:  the prince doesn’t make you the princess.  A King does.

Merely three and a half months before I met my husband, I was not a princess.  I was a hopeless, angry, hurt, serial dater with a broken heart.  I was so broken by guys trampling on my heart I believed I would never have a fairytale ending, that the story of my life would end with me being miserably single.  My last ex was the topper on that not-so-delightful cake.  I gave him every ounce of love and emotion I could muster and he threw it back at me.  The guy I had made my everything had just left me with nothing.  It was in that place that I finally looked up.  Literally.

I cried out while on my bed late at night, alone in my room, for God to speak to me.  And speak to me He did.  My life changed in an instant.  In the midst of my most hopeless moment, I received a glimmer of hope.  The next morning was brighter.  Although I still cried most of the day, every time the pain became almost unbearable, God poured out His love on me and eased the hurt.  Before a full week passed, I had completely stopped crying and started smiling.  It was truly a miracle.  My heart, that was completely shattered, was whole.  As I drew closer to Him and got to know Him better, I got to know myself.  I got to know what I truly was in God’s eyes.  I was dearly loved.  I was special.  I had a unique purpose.  I was a princess.

When I realized this, when being single didn’t even matter anymore because my joy was finally complete in Him, that’s when my prince charming came riding along.  And boy oh boy, did he put every frog before him to utter shame.  He was more than I could have asked for, thought of, or imagined.  Yet still, in all his beauty, he did not, does not, and never will compare to God.  I pray if you are in the shoes I once walked, you cry out to the King and discover the princess you were created to be.

(Here’s a song that God used to ease the pain one of the days before the week was over when my heart was still being mended.  I hope it helps. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53OQxfL0cNg)

7 thoughts on “I’m not a princess. How do I undo what I’ve become?

  1. I love your site!!!! I can so relate to this post… I am still in the waiting period… but I am trusting GOD to be my one and only… I would really be honored if you would join my women’s group on facebook. Women in the Light. And post this to the site. 🙂

    1. Thanks SO much! I found you on facebook! You honored, psh, I’M the honored one! I am so blessed to see you got something from my blog and I pray it can help more and more princesses! Thank you so much for getting thw word out. I appreciate it! May God bless you abundantly, sister! Hope to talk to you again soon!! Wth love -Natasha

    2. Thanks SO much! I found you on facebook! You honored, psh, I’M the honored one! I am so blessed to see you got something from my blog and I pray it can help more and more princesses! Thank you so much for getting thw word out. I appreciate it! May God bless you abundantly, sister! Hope to talk to you again soon!! Wth love -Natasha

  2. It seems like we have more in common than just our first names. I know I’m not alone when I say that you’re story is almost identical to mine. Ridiculous the things girls believe about themselves these days and also what we will put up with. Thank you so much for sharing and I’m so blessed to get to read it and in a way, those pieces of old broken heart, connect us all and help them to mend.

    1. Girl, yes! i don’t know if you got my other comment. I commented on your blog “A peace offering.” Loved your blog. You are very gifted and we really do have a lot in common. I agree: if it wasn’t for all the toads I went through and the many heartbreaks I endured, I would not be able to share the comfort I received and the hope I have found as an effect of that process. I pray our blogs can touch and reach so many women, but even if it’s just one, that’s more than enough. May God continue to use you. With love,

      1. No! it didn’t tell me you left a comment. Stupid wordpress. I agree. I’m excited to read more of your blogs and I feel that we really can make a difference by writing something that might help someone. Blessings to your and your hubby : )

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