Even Christian girls are selling themselves short

So this weekend my hubby and I celebrated our first anniversary as a married couple in Orlando at Universal Studios and Rock the Universe (Biggest Christian concert of the year).  While at Rock the Universe I saw a few girls with boys, kissing and what have you, but one girl’s relationship didn’t appear very innocent.

We were in line for Shrek 4D and this young girl, most likely in high school, was standing behind us with her guy-friend.  She cursed a bit as they conversed, her arms wrapped around his neck.  This did bother me a bit because she is at an overtly Christian concert yet swearing, but this isn’t what inspired me to write a blog to you ladies.  As we moved ahead in line, I looked back and caught her boyfriend grabbing her chest from behind and she laughed nonchalantly.  Maybe she wasn’t a Christian, she just liked the bands, but either way, Christian or not, this girl was being disrespected and laughing about it.

Some of you girls are crying about the disrespect guys are treating you with and some of you are laughing while they do it.  This is most likely due to a lack of knowledge on how a man should treat a woman who isn’t his wife.  Maybe this young girl’s mom or dad never taught her what not to put up with or how to set standards for herself and view herself as worth waiting for till marriage.  I wouldn’t be the least bit shocked if this were the case.  Or maybe they did, but somewhere along the line (probably sometime in high school), she started hanging with the wrong crowd or with girls who were just as clueless about their worth as she was.  This is why, if you’re reading this and are maybe just a freshman in high school, it is very important to choose your friends wisely.  You might’ve already chose some friends who were promiscuous because you thought it was cool or saw the acceptance they seemed to attain from other students.  Well, these girls get attention yes, but for the wrong reasons.

Too many times in my high school days (which wasn’t very long ago), girls were known for being a “slut, hoe, loose goose, trick,” etc.  Question:  is this what you want to be known for and referred to???  Trust me, girl, that’s what people are saying and especially the boys.  You may be thinking, “Well, that’s what I want:  the boys to talk about me.”  Here’s a tip:  NO YOU DON’T!  I knew a girl who unfortunately had to leave her school because the torment she received from all the bad names she was called because of the lies spread by an ex.  If she never went out with a disrespectful guy, that may not have happened.  Key point:  do not settle and sell yourself short for guys that are going to have sex with you and then tell everyone and their mom’s about it.

When guys talk to guys about the girls they have sex with (and I don’t care what he tells you, he’s sharing), you’d think they were talking about a stray dog.  They put you on blast and all the other guys will simply want to use you like their homeboy did.  You don’t want this kind of attention, princess.  You’re too priceless for that.  You don’t want a whole bunch of guys houndin’ you anyway.  You want a special and great prince to be eyeing you and considering asking you out.  You want this prince to be talking to his friends like, “There’s this girl who’s beautiful, she’s like an angel so different from all the other girls.” My husband told his brother something similar when he met me.  What an honor it was to hear my brother-in-law tell me on our wedding day the beautiful and honoring things my husband told him about me when he met me.

Honor yourself, esteem yourself as worth more and don’t allow any wiggle room for people to label you as a slut.  Honor yourself and others will honor you.  Disrespect yourself and others will disrespect you.  (If someone happends to be disrespecting you for no reason, ignore it;  what’s hidden will always be made known.  Their lies will come to nothing.  You and God know who you are).  Make standards for yourself and a guy will come into your path who meets those standards.  Don’t be a follower:  lead your girlfriends into being princesses, worthy of respect and honor.  If they’d rather continue being known for their promiscuity, ditch ’em.  Let them be and just pray for them.  Then find some girlfriends that are respecting themselves and waiting for their prince.  You won’t regret it.

With concern and compassion,


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