Saw Limitless last night. Are girls really that easy?

Okay, so my aunt rented Limitless last night and of course what stands out to me in the film is how three girls drop their panties for this guy after just meeting him. My question: if women are being portrayed like that in film after film, there must be some element of truth behind it.

When I was in high school, the girls I hung with weren’t like that. They were all virgins (for the most part) until after they graduated. And even now that we’re all twenty-one, I never hear stories about one night stands. But I know there’s some out there. Maybe since I don’t go clubbing or to bars I don’t hear much about it. But I mean, the thought that many women do have one night stands can bring me to tears if I don’t fight them back.

Ahhh! Just looked up some statistics from 2007 and girls OUTNUMBERED guys in when they first had sex.  And that was four years ago!  I can’t imagine what the stats are now.  The numbers are close, but still, I don’t know about you, but this is some news to me. If this is the case, why do men always get labeled man-whores and are supposedly dogs?  The roles are now switched?

What happened to us women wanting to be like Disney Princesses? It appears as we got older, the promiscuous women in Hollywood seem more iconic. How depressing.

Ladies! Snap back!! It’s not too late to close your legs and start making a difference in this world. Sorry, but little girls do not and should not look up to sexually promiscuous women. If you had a daughter, would you want her to follow your footsteps? What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind for her?

I think some of us believe our pasts will be locked into a safe our children will never be able to open. Don’t be so naive as to think they won’t someday hear of your lifestyle. I may seem a bit tough right now, but I’m speaking out of sincere love and compassion. You think the ladies who tell you to have sex with guys, some minute flings and others just boyfriends, care about you? Did your mom ever tell you things like that? Or did she wish for you to remain pure until marriage and hoped she wouldn’t have to buy you condoms some day or take you to an abortion clinic?

Make a difference in this world, even if it’s just a ripple. Even if the only girl affected by your decision to remain pure until marriage is your own daughter or niece, is that not worth it? Or do you think an orgasm means more? Respect yourself or follow the physically and emotionally destructive path of many unfortunate women. The choice is yours.

2 thoughts on “Saw Limitless last night. Are girls really that easy?

  1. Just like you, I am regularly floored by learning the truth as to how ‘easy’ women (and men) are as well …I myself found such things as one-night stands unfathomable, but much more commonplace than I ever would have dreamed. I am a virgin at my age and because I’m a model and professional belly dancer, no one ever seems to believe that I would be.

    I am no religious person, so I am not motivated by the prospect of remaining ‘pure’ in the eyes of God. I simply am selective, and no one has yet to inspire that sort of desire.

    And yet, that apparently makes me abnormal. You know, not wanting to put out until I find someone I actually love. It’s rather frustrating.

    1. I am very glad to hear that you are a virgin and that the idea of lending your body as if it were a hair band disturbs you because it really does not disturb enough women. I am proud of you and pray the best for you. The way I see it, what does it take for a guy to deserve such an intimate part of your body? Why waiting until marriage makes sense is not just because God’s intentions were such, but on a level of self-value, how committed is a guy that’s just asked you to be his girlfriend? How much more committed is the guy that commits his life to you, makes an oath, spends money on rings and signs papers the whole nine to prove his loyalty to you. That’s the guy you should wait for my dear. Nothing less and my goodness how beautiful it will be to say, “I’ve been with one man alone.” That’s a gift you can only give once and it sucks to give it away to man that you end up breaking up with (not that people don’t divorce but it makes breaking up a bit more difficult than a simple phone call ending it.) Keep waiting, you’ll be blessed for it. -Natasha

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