“How far can I go with my boyfriend?”

I love the way Sy Rogers put it, “If you haven’t taken the risk and responsibility of marriage you’re not entitled to any reward, therefore, if on a date you can’t do it in front of your mommy and daddy you probably shouldn’t do it at all in my opinion.”

If a guy isn’t your husband, he should be treating you with respect and purity.  “Oh please, that is so old English times, Natasha. Guys now-a-days don’t treat girls with that kind of respect.”  Um, maybe not the ones you’ve been dating, but trust me, honey, they’re out there and I married one and so did my friend Kate, Kelly, Kayza and now my friend Melissa is engaged to one, just to name a few.  I’ve even met women who were engaged to men in their late thirties who respected their bodies until their wedding day!  They’re out there, princess and if you haven’t encountered one, start praying about it and just watch what happens.

“I want to wait till marriage, but I find it difficult to.”

Look, I know you have raging hormones, but they can be controlled.  The only way to put fire out is to pour some water on it.  An easy way to do this is to, “Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure,” -Philippians 4:8.  Don’t set your mind on how hot your boyfriend is and how you just love kissing him and want to touch him so darn bad.  When you hang out, hang out in public and/or with others and do something productive so your mind is focused and engaged in something rather than your boyfriend.  Really contemplate the negatives to being sexually involved with him.  Trust me, there’s plenty.  It won’t take you too long to come up with a few.  Google some statistics on teenage pregnancy and STDs.

If you want to treat your body as worth the wait till you marry a man that meets high standards, start practicing boundaries.  There’s really nothing wrong with them.  If there were no laws, this world would be unimaginably worse than it is now.  Boundaries are a good thing.  Never let your sexuality roam free before you’re married.  It will get you into a lot of trouble.  I know too many girls who have and now live with the consequences of a sexual life before marriage.    Don’t be another statistic.

With love and concern,


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