Ladies, for crying out loud, can you be a *little* mysterious?

That term, “so and so is like an open book,” was probably made in regards to a woman.  I’m talking about when we dig a guy, he knows our life story by the end of date one.  This should definitely not be.  The two easiest and main ways we grow emotionally attached to a man is by sleeping  with him and telling him intimate things about our past.  How many guys have you got so emotionally ship-wrecked over?  Why do you think that is?  You built up a big hot air balloon of emotions for him because you were sexually intimate with him and shared so many emotional stories with him.  You know how much pain you’d spare your heart if you chose to be more “prude” and mysterious?  When you tell a guy personal things regarding your past, you open up your heart to him and allow him to step right in.  Now that you’ve somewhat emotionally relived that past experience with him, you’ve shared an emotional moment with him and built up more feelings for him.  He didn’t even do anything real special for you, but listen to you yet now he’s starting to get your heart.  I would go as far to say, don’t share very personal and emotional past experiences with a man unless you and him begin discussing marriage.  What’s the point of being so emotionally open with a guy who’s just a boyfriend when chances are you’re going to eventually break up?  Especially don’t allow a guy to have access to your body before he marries you.  How many partners have you had?  Did you ever think, “I’m having sex with him, but someday we’re going to break up?”  Most probably not.  You give such an intimate and personal part of your soul to a man when you have sex with him.  So not only are you giving a guy that’s not your husband your heart, you’re opening up your soul to him as well.  It’s no wonder depression is more common for women.

Please, don’t set yourself up for heartbreak.  I’ve done it too many times and the tears and pain I shed for these boys was not worth it.  In the end, I didn’t marry three guys, I married one.  And so it will hopefully be with you.  If you only marry one man, why waste your time on all the other men?  Why not wait for the one who truly deserves access to your heart and soul?  We weren’t made to hand our hearts out to man after man, to go through breakup after breakup, heartbreak after heartbreak.  So choose not to live that way.  In this world, your heart deals with enough as it is.  Spare yourself another heartbreak.  Don’t waste any more time on toads disguised as princes.  Wait on a true prince that will wait to have access to your soul.  You deserve nothing less.



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