Object of sexual abuse, to a Princess of incalculable worth (Spoken Word Poem)

Although there were times where it should have/could have happened, I have never been sexually abused. But I wrote this after witnessing an extremely sexual spoken word poem by a woman that was very graphic and self-degrading. It made me wonder why she had become that way. Not that being sexual is bad, but outside of marriage it is. And she basically objectified herself so it moved me to write this.


Yeah, you see;

The doves on my chest, the curves on my waist, down to the slopes of my hips and then, the thickness of my thighs.

Yes every inch of me perfectly penciled out for the sketchpad in your mind.

This drawing doesn’t even need to be that descriptive for you to get an image, a vision of you on top of me.

Or would you rather a queen to sit on that throne?


A little girl, alone in her house with her uncle; lying down, pretending to be asleep believing the lie that she’ll be protected by her dreams.

The knob turns, her heart skips a beat,

it’s just a few seconds ’till he’s by her feet.

He breathes, the warm air coating her neck,

she cries, knowing it’s not over yet.

A rugged hand covers her mouth now the stench of alcohol permeates her breath.

He loosens his belt as he takes her on a ride from earth to hell.


I bite my lip, you wink your eye

there’s only one thought on your mind, and I don’t stop to ponder why,

knowing there’s a tiny voice inside that just…might…

You drop me off, I invite you in.

Who said on the first night you can’t let a guy swim?

Skip the drinks, you’ve had your share,

straight to the bedroom ’cause I’m already sore from the stairs;

clothes off in seconds we’re bare–

Whats his name again?

Screw it, who cares.

You leave.

Only to call a few more times when you want a quick fix.

Yes, thats all I am to you:

a slut, a whore, a bitch.

And when I think about that it suddenly hits me:

My body’s not a temple it’s a frisbee;

flung into the mouths of dogs and then left slobbered on and messy,

I realize: damn I’m empty.

Sex isn’t pleasure its abuse

when we take out of the marital context and misuse.

STDS, AIDS, abortion and rape are all the consequences of our dire mistakes.

“Be safe” is what they preach,

when “be pure” is what they really should teach!

For God made Eve for Adam not Lisa, Maria, Teresa, and Tia.

For therefore a man should leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife,

and they shall become



I have heard and found it to be true,

the Father can cleanse you of any sin,

so choose forgiveness now and finally walk away from this battle with Satan and win.

watch the video of this spoken word poem.

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