Princess, gotta man who’s afraid of marriage?

I’ve met several girls who have been waiting for their man [or should I say little boy] to propose. Five, six, even seven years! They’re just hoping someday he pops the question. I have some bad news. He’s not. And if he does, it’s probably because of lots of subconscious pressure on your part. Number one, in this man’s mind, why should he propose? It’s not like anythings going to change once you get married: you’re already having sex and you already live together. You’re basically married already right? Oh but you understand better than he. You know it’s not the same. There hasn’t been a magical day where you get to wear your dream crown and look the best you ever will in your life, have everyone you know and love gathered on your behalf, you haven’t said the precious vows of commitment, you haven’t signed any legal papers legitimizing you’re a couple. You don’t have that pretty kept woman ring on your finger. Marriage would be different. Marriage would cause more security in your heart. Being his wife would give you the confidence being his girlfriend simply cannot. Being married would cause the idea of pregnancy to be a lot more comforting.

Marriage is something you’ve dreamed of, but your man doesn’t seem to share the same ideals.

If he’s afraid of the commitment of marriage or is giving you some other excuse for not proposing  yet, tell him, “Okay, that’s fine.” And then set boundaries. Let him know you’re not going to live with him anymore (yup, move back in with mommy or if you have a decent job, get a roommate). And then tell him you want to wait to be abstinent until the day you’re married. See what happens. If you’re afraid he’s going to leave you, then let him. He wasn’t as in love with you as you thought. And trust me, you do not have to settle for a guy who doesn’t love you as much as he loves himself. There are men who can love you the right way and with the right amount. If you don’t believe that, read some of my blogs on just how invaluable you are, princess. My goodness, if you only knew.

Summation: Chances are, your boyfriend will not propose to you if you continue to play fake-marriage and stay in the same household and give him all of you (your body). He has no motivation, nothing to look forward to except more responsibility and restraints. As your boyfriend, he can kick you out oh so easily and dump you for the next chick without having to stand before a judge. If you want to live in that instability for the rest of your life, be my unfortunate guest. But if this blog has got you thinking, go through with the thought. Put what I said into action and see what happens. If you end up single, good for you. He wasn’t worth it to begin with. Remember this: any guy can have sex with you, but not just any guy can wait for you. My husband waited for me for over a year and a half. We got married and on our wedding night he got a gift well worth waiting for. He enjoys me so much more and appreciates and respects me all the more because he waited for me. Trust me hon’: what you got, is worth waiting for. If you don’t think so, pray. Ask God to reveal how important you are and to help you see His unbelievable love for you. With lots of love,

❤ Natasha

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Daughter of the King, married to a prince. Writer, actress, and my husband's side-kick filmmaker.

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