For my husband.


I was thinking of ways I could love you this Christmas. I decided to honor you here, profess my deep love for you in the open. I’m not sure if words will do my heart, soul and spirit justice, but I will try anyway.

From the outside in…

Your complexion, the perfect pigment for my taste.

Your eyes truly do mesmerize. Their romantic half-moon shape makes it seem like I’m peering into a green star-lit sky.  I lose myself, forgetting my surroundings as you stare back at me.

You still make my heart skip a beat.

Your lips, soft as silk. They move to the rhythm of mine; the best dancers I know.

And there isn’t a man with a smile that compares to your’s.

Breathtaking, to say the least.


Who knew a woman could be so tenderly loved by another human being?

And girls fawn over Edward, my if they only knew…

You’re my knight, you assure my safety.

You fight for me, defend me. You are proud that I’m your lady.

You cheer me on, you believe in me.

The beauty of your spirit inspires me.

I closed my eyes that one night almost three years past, and I dreamt of you.

My mind couldn’t concieve what God had in store for the one He loves.

I pray for the rest of this life we share together I bring you romance, joy, encouragment, inspiration, honor, respect and all the love I can.

Jonathan Sapienza, you will forever be my Dream Prince.

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