Husbands: Want to win your wive’s hearts back?

Is it really necessary to say we women are the most emotional creatures on the planet? We’re just pent-up with emotions. Thanks to our extra dosage of estrogen and hormones, the ugly lady in red who visits us every month and our innate understanding. It’s in our DNA to be emotional. It’s just a by-product of our “I need to be loved” design.

All this to say: yes, love is a commitment. We know when you commit your lives to us you love us, but there is an emotional aspect of love that simply cannot be forgotten or ignored.

Your once loving and respectful wife being more like a resentful witch? Nagging, complaining, cold, distant sexually? Here’s the answer: her need for emotional release/satisfaction is not being met.

See, when you were dating you were Casanova. You had the romance turned up high. You made her feel your love. But now, as the stresses of marriage come into play: paying extra bills, providing for not just yourself, but your wife and family as well, has got you probably without even realizing, emotionally disconnected from your wife.

You see, you used to spend hours talking with her, taking her out, getting her little things that lit her up. To go from that to basically a kiss goodbye and a kiss hello from work is like taking cocaine away from a daily user. [Sorry, ladies for comparing our need for love to a drug addiction, but you must agree it’s true.)

So gentleman reading this, your wife still loves you, but she may have fallen out of emotional love with you. And this, is dangerous. Just as she holding out in the bedroom is dangerous.

I agree that we wives should appreciate and consider how hard our husbands work. That it’s simply in your blood to want to work hard and provide, to be successful. That the work of your hands is where you find most of your purpose and even identity, but we’re the “damsels in distress.” The princesses held captive in a tower that need rescuing.

Remember how much you love being our knight in shining armor, our hero. This is your opportunity to step up and become that daring prince of valor our hearts fell for once again. Reignite the fight in you. Look at your build. Naturally, you’re bigger and stronger than us (get over it feminists. It does not mean they are superior, simply different. By the grace of God this world is not filled with all women or all men because if it was, it’d be a disaster).

Fight for your wife’s heart! You know she’s not really a wicked witch. You didn’t fall in love with a nagging, complaining, bitter woman. You fell in love with a princess that adored you and made you feel like you could conquer anything. She was your very own cheerleader. No woman made you feel like she did. She is still that girl! But she’s locked in a tower, waiting for her courageous prince to return.

So go! Win her heart back! Surprise her with flowers at her job or on your lunch break. Leave her a quick love-note in the morning. Take time to stare into her eyes before you fall asleep. Take a few extra moments when you kiss her, cradle her face in your hands as you once did. Look her in the eyes when you say, “I love you.”

Watch how just these small bites of romance melt her heart and see your princess return.

For the knights rocking serious armor with lots of strength and valor, I dare you to go the extra mile, through that patch of thorns and get even more romantic. You’ll get her back sooner and you’ll be extra blessed ;).

2 thoughts on “Husbands: Want to win your wive’s hearts back?

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