My Holy Ghost Celebrity Hit List

So, I have a Holy Ghost Hit list (i.e. the people I pray come to Christ), and I have a few celebs that I pray for daily. Stefani Joanne (Lady Gaga), Jared Leto, Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, Ryan Murphy and his casting director Robert Ulrich, along with his choreographer, Zach Woodle, The Jonas Brothers, and Beyonce. I’ve prayed for many celeb’s salvation, but these are the ones I pray for every day. I was wondering, if you’re a Christian, do you have any celebs on your Holy Ghost Hit list? I think it’s important to pray for celebrities, because when the flashing lights stop, and the screaming fans are gone, they are just as lost as anyone else without Christ. So, if you’re a believer and pray for celebrities, make my day and please share which ones God has laid on your heart.

5 thoughts on “My Holy Ghost Celebrity Hit List

  1. I appreciate this blog. I think celebrities need prayers as much as every other broken heart. I think my “HolyGhost” list includes Tyra Banks, Oprah, you know talk show hosts in general because people cling to their opinions like oxygen.

    1. Yes, Elizabeth. I totally agree, girl. Many people get involved in cults and religions for the sole reason that their favorite celebrity is in it. Even those of us who aren’t as popular have influence. Whether it be on our family, friends, or coworkers, someone is being influenced by the decisions we make and the way we live our lives. Praying for those in the spot light is a must, because they’re reaching millions of people.

  2. im want to pray for leto, its amazing how much influence he has around the world. Tom cruse comes to mind, but i have no desire, prolly cause scientology creeps me out. Its so weird. Judd apatow? I know my spelling is poor, i had a stroke, havent been the same. Aaron sorkin?

    1. Aww, Eve. I am sorry to hear that. Scientology is just a cult and like everything that denies Christ as God’s Savior Son it is a tool in the hands of the enemy to deceive God’s creation. I would encourage you to pray for any and everyone, despite what cult they are involved in because God wants all to come to the knowledge of His saving grace. And I pray in Jesus name for your healing. “According to your faith shall it be done for you.” God is able. God bless you, Eve and thank you for taking the time to comment on my post.

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