Lifestyle of the rich and the famous:drug-related deaths” A list of notable people who have died from drug-related causes

The list is literally too long to post, but here’s a few.

Jennifer Lyn Jackson 1969–2010 Playboy Playmate Heroin overdose. [215]
Michael Jackson 1958–2009 Pop singer Cardiac arrest. Personal physician administered lethal dose of propofol along with lorazepam, diazepam and midazolam. [216]
Peter Jackson 1964–1997 Rugby league player Heroin overdose. [217]
Joyce Jameson 1932–1987 Actress Overdose of unspecified pills. Suicide. [218]
Steven Ronald Jensen 1959–2005 Musician (The Vandals) Unspecified prescription drug overdose. [219]
Anissa Jones 1958–1976 Actress Overdose of barbiturates, cocaine, quaaludes, and PCP. Accidental. [220]
Brian Jones 1942–1969 Musician (The Rolling Stones). Drowning under the influence of alcohol and drugs. [221]
Chloe Jones 1975–2005 Pornographic actress Prescription drug overdose. Accidental. [222]
Rob Jones, aka The Bass Thing 1964–1993 Musician (The Wonder Stuff). Sources report contradictory information which include: heart problems,[223] heart attack potentially caused by heroin,[224] or simply “drug related causes”.[225]
Russell Jones, aka Ol’ Dirty Bastard. 1968–2004 Rapper Overdose of cocaine and tramadol. Accidental. [226]
Janis Joplin 1943–1970 Musician Heroin overdose. [227]


Name Life Profession Cause of death Reference
John Kahn 1947–1996 Musician (Jerry Garcia Band) Heroin overdose. [228]
Chris Kanyon 1970–2010 Professional wrestler Antidepressants overdose. Suicide. [229][230]
Phil Katz 1962–2000 Computer programmer Acute pancreatic bleeding caused by chronic alcoholism [231]
David Kennedy 1955–1984 University drop-out Overdose of cocaine, Demerol, and Mellaril. [232]
Beverly Kenney 1932–1960 Singer Alcohol and Seconal overdose. Suicide. [233]
Bernard Kettlewell 1907–1979 Lepidopterist, medical doctor Unspecified drug overdose. Accidental. [234]
David Kelly 1944–2003 Weapons expert Consumed around 30 dextropropoxyphene pills. Disputed suicide. [235]
Jack Kerouac 1922–1969 Author Cirrhosis, caused by a lifetime of heavy drinking. [236][237]
Dorothy Kilgallen 1913–1965 Journalist Fatal combination of alcohol and barbiturates. Whether it was suicide, accidental or the result of foul play is undetermined. [238]
Richard Charles Knellar, aka Dickie Pride 1941–1969 Singer Sleeping pill overdose. [239]
Thomas Kinkade 1958–2012 Painter Acute ethanol and diazepam intoxication. [240]
Arthur Koestler 1905–1983 Author Sleeping pill overdose. Suicide. [241]
John Kordic 1965–1992 Hockey player Unspecified drug overdose. [242]

Sometimes fame isn’t all it’s cut out to be. Trip Lee’s song is brought to mind…

 It’s cool to like fairytales Until you try to live inside of ’em, that’s where we fail The media pushin’ death and they do it very well Man, who woulda thought that obituaries sale? Look, you’re livin’ in a dream

Open up your eyes, things ain’t always what they seem

Reality ain’t always what we found up on the screen

They got bait, in they hooks, they got rhymes full of schemes, it’s fantasy.
Fantasy, masquerade and mansions

Smokin’ lies, but there is never light within us

The smiles full of envy, a full house that’s empty

Once the night is up, it’s never enough

I used to want fame: that was what I chased after, never considering how selfish I was. It wasn’t until Jesus woke me up that my heart changed and I no longer craved that lifestyle. “There’s a way that seems right to a man, but it ends in death.” Don’t let the smoke and lights blind you from the reality of a party-hard lifestyle. In the end, it never fails to destroy. There’s been too many examples in Hollywood for you to fall into the same trap. Don’t be another statistic. Fight the culture. Be different. Rebel. The only way you can have strength to overcome is when you take a stand for what’s real, what’s true.

We’ve all lied, lusted after someone we weren’t married to, used God’s name as a cuss word or in vain. We’ve all broken the ten commandments. Because we messed up, because we are imperfect and stained with the guilt of our mistakes, God cannot accept us into heaven. We rightly deserve hell because we’ve all gone astray, done what was wrong, wronged someone else, and ultimately, wronged God. But God loves us so much, even while we were yet sinning against Him, He sent His only Son to die in our place, brutally upon a rugged cross designed for criminals. He did that so you wouldn’t doubt that He loves you desperately and would do anything to get your attention, your affection. If you merely believe, which means trust, that Jesus died and rose for you, and turn away from your sins and run into His arms, He will grant you access to heaven, and more importantly, an eternal relationship with Him and His Father. Once you do that, and begin to know this God who visited our world in human form over 2,000 years ago, you will, by His grace, be able to stand against the pressures of Hollywood and the “Fame-Monster” within. Know that you’re not alone, and know your incalcuable worth in the sight of the God of the universe.

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