It’s okay to kill a child in the womb when…

Who remembers Hitler? ( This man chose to kill 5,860,000 people. It was his choice to kill them. So, was it right then? Was it okay? Then what makes it okay for a woman to kill her child? If that child was outside of the womb, the woman would be thrown in jail for life, or would have her own life taken from her. By eighteen days the child has a heart. By eight weeks it can feel pain and 88% of all abortions are performed when child is already 12-13 weeks:


That is a child, people! Sixth commandment: Thou shall not kill yet since Roe v Wade there have been over 52 MILLION abortions! Abortion is a business. Planned Parenthood just wants your money because they make about 813 million on women choosing to kill their children every year! Why are the American people so deceived? I believe we’re willfully ignorant! We don’t want to face the harsh reality of exactly what abortion entails: the dismembering and tearing apart of a small child that is defenseless! Forgive my passion, I just know how wrong this all is, and it breaks my heart that so many people are turning a blind eye to it. If my heart breaks to the point of wailing over these poor children, I can’t imagine how God must feel. But there is hope for you if you’ve had an abortion. God does forgive and restore. But you have to choose to trust in His Son who died for you us all while we were yet sinning! He knew you were going to have an abortion, and he died for that mistake. If you repent, which simply means turn away from your sins and believe on Jesus, God will completely forgive your sins and grant you access into heaven. He loves you as much as He loved and loves every unborn child in this world. He gave them life as He chose to give you life. He wants to mend your heart, and fix your broken-ness. Let Him.

5 thoughts on “It’s okay to kill a child in the womb when…

    1. Hello, Arthur, thank you for your comment. I read every word =) I must say though, that not every Christian shies away from the sex topic: Sy Rogers, Craig Gross, founder of XXX church, Bob Coy of Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale, and I’m sure thousands upon thousands of others. I apologize if you grew up in a home with those who claim the name of Christian and were frightened about the whole sex topic. Here’s the thing, Jesus brought sin to the thought level, saying lust is on the same playing field as adultery. I think it quite difficult for men especially, who–I’m sure you can attest–are very visual beings, to refrain from imagining someone while “relieving themselves sexually.” They must think of something stimulating, unless their own self turns them on, which would be quite vain. But never the less, they have to have a thought, and yes, if you are not married yet thinking of something sexual in order to please yourself, you’re sinning against your future spouse. You are basically saying we have no self control as human beings, which in many cases, in our own strength, we do not. Hence the Word of God (the Bible) says a fruit of God’s Holy Spirit who lives in us *if* we have accepted Jesus into our hearts as Lord and Savior, is self-control. God is the one who gives us self-control and His inspired Word does say for us to “take every thought captive and bring it into the obedience of Christ,” and yes, that includes lustful thoughts.
      In essence, you are saying it is impossible for God, who commanded us to abstain from youthful lusts and wait until marriage to have sex, to keep us pure in thought and heart until that day. There is nothing impossible or too hard for God. What is difficult is to give up our own will (e.g. pleasing ourselves sexually before marriage), and surrender that desire to Him and trust that He will tame it until that day. This is the problem with many people who somewhat want to follow the Christian walk: truly surrendering to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. He said, “If anyone wishes to follow me he must *deny* himself, pick up his cross, and follow me.” People want Christianity to be a walk in the park and for God to be a Genie that does what they command rather than the other way around. Jesus also promised in this life we would suffer. He suffered death for us, so a little sexual suffering isn’t going to kill us. If we think we can continue in impure thoughts without trying to repent of them, that is, we accept them and think we won’t be held accountable for them, we are deceived, for God looks at the heart.

      God wants us ultimately to rely and depend on Him for all our needs. Yes, there are some that are gifted with celibacy because Jesus did say that there were, and that those who can *accept* that lifestyle, to go ahead and do so. However, the Word also says there will be false prophets who teach that people must abstain from marriage, which I personally believe is a reference to the Catholic institution. When a group of people, religious or not, decides to directly disobey God’s Word by commanding that very thing in order for someone to hold a certain position in the church is one they’ll have to answer for if they choose to continue doing that.

      So in essence, I believe your issue is more of a lack of trust in God than anything else, maybe due to a lack of true intimate, personal relationship with Him, and/or coupled with a lack of knowledge of His Word. I’ll pray that whatever the case may be, your walk with the Lord is strengthened and that you come to understand the height, width, depth, and length, of His great love for you. God bless.

      1. Hello Natasha:      Thanks for responding to my letter.  I went to your web-site and I notice that you are a very strong, assertive and take-charge woman of God (I can live with that) L.O.L.  I love a good debate, and I am not interested in changing your viewpoint; but I do want to be understood (not misunderstood).  I will write more on human sexuality very soon; especially on how Christianity has embrace some pagan concepts that have been woven into the tapestry of Christianity. Natasha, I like your “Pro Baby” viewpoint.  One man told me that he prefers to call himself “Pro Baby” because people can more easily attack him verbally when he states he is “Pro-Life.  And saying, you are Pro-Baby gets to core of the issue; IT IS A BABY THAT WE ARE TALKING ABOUT!!! I HAVE SEVERAL EDITS OF THE BELOW POEM       That you might like (any comments)?   The Thoughts of the Unborn POEM     Pain is so real and it’s easy to seeIt all happens to you and me   I know we are born to dieBut at such a young age I don’t understand why   I was so young and didn’t understandGod would allow a change that I had not planned   I had no control over when I would goBut this I know I love you so   I live in your heart I am happy to sayAlways there no matter what you think or pray   I love you and want you to love meThat’s the way it should be   You weren’t perfect I know quite wellGod gave us each other I am happy to tell   Our hearts are melted together and its easy to see whyOur love will never die   For you are special to meAnd always will be   Thank God for giving to meAn opportunity for life you see   Mom and dad please don’t be too sadYou can learn from your mistakes for which I am glad   And if another child should come your wayDo what is right is all I can say   You didn’t steal eternity from meFor I am a creation of God you see   No one is righteous before our dear SaviorOur thoughts are wrong including our behavior   I am crushed and heartbrokenNo comfort my soul has ever been spoken   All of us do wrong and compare ourselves with othersWe are not more righteous* than hysterical pregnant mothers   And if most women-with-child were loved by the child’s fatherthey would smile and happily say “No abortion” why bother   You have hidden or damaged emotions buried in a sea of painRelease them and you have everything to gainAsk God and the person you mated with to forgive youForgive yourself and live the abundant life.   *Romans 3:10,12


      2.   To be, or not to be…Born —POEM   God created me in a physical way When my parents made love on that special day Being secure in my mother’s womb She had no plans of it becoming my tomb   It didn’t matter if I was healthy or planned My loving mother took a stand To give me life without the strife Avoiding the doctor’s cold steel knife   She made the right choice Later to smile at hearing my voice As I look back to that day I stop and take the time to pray   Thank you God for giving to me A mother who decided to let me be For others wouldn’t be so kind To give me life when they are spiritually blind   There is a time for each to be born Truly their mother will receive no scorn From the loving God above Who looks down on her act of love Sincerely,        

  1. For singles: Freedom from sexual pressure
    I have always thought that it was the religious faith that we embrace that motivates all of us to be sexually and morally pure in our state of mind and body. We can think that it is “A still small voice” of God that motivates us to do what is right concerning sexual purity; but early childhood experiences teaches us ideas that God never intended us to believe about ourselves.
    Parents, teachers, family members, friends, religion and even strangers will try to motivate older children, teenagers and adults through logic, deductive reasoning, bribery, rewards and collusion; but the minds of very young children are emotions driven and logic is beyond their understanding
    You can tell a very young child that God loves them and that they are special; but their experiences in life will seem more truthful than your positive thoughts expressed. If a child stops playing with a toy in the bathtub and runs naked out into the living room as his mother is greeting a group of people and he is severely scolded by his mother who has a very angry, fearful or hysterical countenance; you can bet he is wondering why he is being shamed, punished with harsh words and spanked in front of others. Or if he is in the kitchen and shirtless with only his underwear on, and he puts his hand inside his underwear and scratches himself and he is spanked for his actions. You can bet he feels his sexuality is dirty, sinful and very much something to be ashamed of. And if she is very religious she might even add “God doesn’t love you when you do that”.
    Even when parents and others go out of their way to ensure their child isn’t shamed, their child can still pick-up messages from other children who are treated bad and therefore they claim the message conveyed as also belonging to them. Everyone has their own set of demons that torments them and if we are careful; we don’t have to pass on our sexual fears and prudishness to the 3rd and 4th generation in our family.
    What is the best way for humans to have “Real victory” over sexual temptation and lessen our desire to violate our commitment of moral purity before God, self and others? Wouldn’t it be great if all public, private and religious schools would teach young people and adults to not be ashamed or embarrassed of their body or of sexual pleasure?
    Every child is reminded to not drink a lot of water before going to bed, because no adult wants to be inconvenienced early in the morning. Every group before getting on a bus or in a car is reminded to take their restroom brake so that no one has to make an emergency stop and no one wets or soils their clothes. So our parents, and educational system (at all levels) should teach every citizen of our country that they need to “Defuse” their raging sex hormone problem before they are tempted to defraud another person in a relationship.
    God gives us a strong sex drive that is supposed to motivate us to get married so that we don’t have “Unnecessary temptations” to be confronted with or have to resist. An individual getting married mainly for sex is the mail reason for the high divorce rate. Bringing too much emotional baggage into a relationship or being a high maintenance mate are other reasons for the break-up of marriages. Permanent celibacy is never a Heavenly mandate from God, and the lawsuits against religious leaders prove that point very clearly and succinctly.
    In these last 6,000 years, Satan gets you, me and others to believe and teach that no one has the right to enjoy any sexual pleasures while single. In Christianity and other religions we are made to believe we need to suffer in our single years; and marriage is our only hope of deliverance from lustful thoughts and actions. We treat our bodies very cruelly. If my bladder or colon needs to be emptied I will search for a restroom and solve my problem. But if my body wants and demands a sexual release; then everyone tells me that I need to be more spiritual and ignore my sex drive; this is easier said than done. In our youth, it is very difficult to get to sleep if we don’t deal with our sex drive.
    If I have a next door neighbor named Sam and I asked him, “Would you approve of my 18 year old son having sex with your 18 year old daughter; or would you rather my son meet his own sexual needs at home, before they go on a date”. Sam will consider my son and his daughter more righteous if they “Both” do not defraud each other on a date and they should seek to meet their own sexual needs in solitude. They need a mother-daughter talk; and a father-son talk. The misinformation that children pick-up coupled with fearful parents afraid of the truth about self-pleasure; reveal that this truth can set all of us free from the lies we believed in childhood, teenage and adult years.
    I can understand why amoral individual representing organizations that want to capitalize on unwanted pregnancies that will encourage teens and adults to take their condoms and enjoy themselves for a season of pleasure. But when caring and loving people of faith completely ignore the most logical way to drain off unwanted sexual tension they promote lustful acts and that starts the arousal of the sexual predator that is in all males and females). We are messengers of God to bring deliverance to those captivated by their own basic primal instincts when we encourage singles to meet their own sexual needs.
    When we are very young children, our parents were “Literally” like Gods to us; they seem to know everything, were all powerful and demanded complete obedience from us (just like God). Very soon in life we dethrone our human gods and hopefully put the Creator God on the throne of our lives. But even then, most of us continue to think sexual pleasure is to be resisted and feared at all times while single.
    Do you realize that if God had of put the dense concentration of nerve endings in one of our elbows instead of our sex organ; we would be ashamed of our elbow (because it feels so good to touch it) and at the same time we would look for someone to message our elbow for us?
    Some peoples and tribes around the world are less plagued with sexual phobias that modern day societies struggle to cope with. Their women go topless and no female feels shamed or lusted after. Mainly because they only look at female breasts as human milk machine dispensers (and are not identified or considered as a sex object). Until most of the world would adopt that viewpoint, there is no way a sinful self-centered world can embrace their lifestyle.
    The main physical reason we wear clothes is because of the climate changes and sanitary concerns. Even if all people on earth had high moral values, we would still feel more comfortable in this fallen world if others wore clothes. Since our bodies are chemical factories and emits bodily fluids, no one would want to sit where other people sat if it weren’t for clothes.
    Theologically speaking, it would be impossible for God to disapprove of anyone meeting their own sexual needs; simply because it is “Our own” body; lust always involves another person. As long as you don’t involve someone in person, via phone, picture, or magazine etc. then you haven’t defrauded anyone; and you are still righteous in spirit, mind and body.
    If all singles met their own sexual needs and not defraud other people; then there would be fewer rapes, date-rapes, child sexual abuse, incest, abortions, and sexual promiscuity.
    Arthur Trafford
    P.O. Box 630468
    Houston TX. 77263-0468
    P.S. The enemies of God love it when single religious people have no way to flee from youthful lust. God gives all humans the same way to escape sexual temptation; either a mate is responsible to meet the sexual needs of a person, or a single person has the responsibility to meet their own sexual needs until God gives them a mate!!! Any other viewpoint is cruel, unloving, and unreasonable.
    Please publish this letter in local newspapers, on religious and personal web-sites.

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