Chivalry hasn’t died ladies, and if you think it has, you’re with the wrong guy!


Out of all the Bachelors and Bachelorettes there have been, only three couples are together to this day. My, what a shocker! Okay, for real, dating just sets you up for failure. The focus of dating is the emotional and physical aspect of the relationship. It’s mainly about the sexual attraction, and once those fluttery feelings begin to fizzle, your relationship starts to fall apart. All that “chemistry” you built up because of the physicality doesn’t hold you together, but eventually drives you apart. Why? Because to put it simply, it’s not how God designed it to be. It was never His intention to have you serial date, getting your heart broken several times, having numerous partners and various connections with guys that leave you confused and with a ton of baggage to bring into your next relationship. He had a much better and simpler way: be with one person for the rest of your life.

Ever heard of the word “courtship?” Courting is a process that protects your precious heart from getting trampled on multiple times over. It guards not only your heart, but your mind and your body. What you basically do is don’t give any guy the time of day unless you think he is someone potentially marriageable, and then you don’t have sex with this guy. You set boundaries. Now this guy, if he’s worth your time, will respect you. He’ll literally wait for you until marriage because that’s what he has in mind from the start of the relationship—getting to know you because he likewise thinks you may be marriage-material. He’s not wasting your time, and you’re not wasting his.

And trust me, there are guys who will wait. I know this personally because my husband waited for me, remember? And I know several guys who are doing—and have done—the same. If you really hope to someday be a princess bride, honey, you gotta save your goods.

Courtship—unlike dating—focuses on the friendship, and also the spiritual aspect of a relationship. It is what Christians are supposed to be doing (unfortunately, not all of us do because we’ve bought the same Hollywood romance lie that the majority of the world has). A courtship-style relationship honors God and the person you’re with. It builds true commitment that lasts because there’s not a selfish gain i.e., “I’m with this person because of how they make me feel in bed.” Instead, it becomes, “I’m with this person because I love her heart, I love her soul.” 

When you’re having sex, all this gets confused. You no longer know if you truly love this person for him, or for how he makes you feel. You begin to fight because of all the mutual disrespect, not realizing you’ve been disrespecting each other ever since the moment you decided to have sex before marriage. I mean really, what makes a guy worth having all of you? Call my standards high, but according to the God who made both of you, when that man makes you his wife, he’s worthy of getting full access to your body.

We ladies so open ourselves up, binding our souls to men when we have sex with them, and when we do this with more than one guy we’re completely torn because our souls are divided. There’s literal studies that show when you have multiple partners it becomes more and more difficult for you to bond with the next person you’re with. Save your heart. Stop selling yourself short. No guy should be able to get into your pants or even under your shirt until after he’s said, “I do.”

3 thoughts on “Chivalry hasn’t died ladies, and if you think it has, you’re with the wrong guy!

  1. Well written blog and so very true. My wife and I waited for each other and it has helped our marriage in the fact that our only experience has been with each other. I hope you can help change some peoples thinking. 🙂

    1. That is awesome! Thank you so much for sharing that you courted as well. It is very encouraging. That’s my heart’s prayer, hopefully minds are changed because the whole dating thing is a causing a heartbreak epidemic, not to mention all the pregnancies and abortions and STIs.

  2. i agree. chivalry hasn’t died. i think some ladies get so tired to waiting on the right one, that they settle. the verse “don’t give your pearls to swine” has new meaning to me because of this experience.

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