Dating and baggage are best friends

Baggage and dating go hand in hand. After every break-up, you carry the wounds of the past relationship into the new one. Some of you think you’ve moved on, but even if you have, there’s things that happened between you and your ex that broke trust, created bitterness, apathy, lowered your expectations for the next guy, something. I know there’s a rare few who simply didn’t “hit it off” with the guy and you both broke up for mutual reasons, however, if you were sexually active with this dude, whether it was all the way or not, you’ve bonded with him, and because of that, it’s going to be harder for you to bond with the next guy. It’s really just one big horrifically vicious cycle that produces much more pain than it does contentment. My goodness how I wish I never shared all the connections I did with exes. Some people say, “Oh, but it’s good for ‘experience.'” Experiencing what? Heart-break after heart-break? I’d rather that I had no experience and instead grow in experience with my husband (which I’d have plenty of time to since we’re planning to be together for life). Trust me, that’s the lamest excuse there is. You can grow and learn with your husband. I lost my virginity to my husband, and no, our sex wasn’t amazing in the beginning because it was painful for me, but it grew to be better and better. I was able to share that with one man, rather than go into a marriage already knowing it all.

So please ladies, save yourself and others (not to mention God), from heart break and just wait till the right guy comes along, meaning the guy that will wait for you, and honor God until marriage. Because trust me, if you just put God first in your life, make Him your first love, He will bring that man to you at the perfect time. He did for me, and plenty other girls. I will have a video with some testimonies of girls who received their prince after first making God their King in a week or two. Until then, know your worth!

With love,


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