Natasha Sapienza

An older, but still relevant post. Girls, get it together and know your worth! Stop settling for less, when God has the best waiting for you.


The other day I was in the restaurant (Houston’s where I used to work) and there were two young women there, maybe twenty-five at most, standing by the bar.  They were dressed provocatively and an older man, maybe fifty-five or so was at the bar, flirting with them.  He was rubbing his hand on one of their backs and a few minutes later when I looked again [they were standing at the bar stools right by the front desk], he had his hand on the other girl’s butt.  Later on, I saw them at a table with another older man.

Admittedly, I’ve seen this several times being that I work at a high-end restaurant and it never fails to sadden me.  Here…

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