Dear player, you want a dime piece, or a priceless princess?

“Dang lil’ mama, you got some back!”

“Girl I just wanna get up in them jeans.”

“Your body is bangin’!”

“You are so fine, I gotta take you home.”

Okay, I’m going to stop now, or else I’ll vomit on the keyboard. Yes, sexual and lustful passes are NOT princely, as in honorable, respectful, and truly romantic. They’re actually quite disgusting. Because who the heck do you think you are, man who isn’t my husband, to basically tell me you just want to use my body for your naughty pleasures? Now I know some girls ask for it with how they dress themselves, but that’s because they haven’t discovered that their value and worth isn’t in their fading beauty, but in the fact that God made them for a specific purpose, and loves them to the point of giving His own Son up to die for them. Yet still, man up! Be a leader by setting the example of a true prince, display nobility, honor, respect, dignity, and watch how you influence women to act the same way. I am sick of men like Lil’ Wayne leading other men to be disrespectful, lustful, selfish, careless puppets. Why don’t you start manning up, rebelling against that evil mentality and begin honoring the God whose got the best game for snagging a worthy wife than any self-proclaimed player walking this planet. It’s easy to get a “dime” because that’s about how much she values herself, but it ain’t so easy winning the heart of a girl that’s priceless. That is, unless of course you’re not following the footsteps of the rappers, but are walking in the ways of Jesus, the true heart-winner, the fliest man to ever tread this earth, then it’s a breeze. To a priceless princess, godliness=sexiness, worldliness (imitating the world rather than God), is a turn-off, not to mention our Heavenly King doesn’t want us to settle for you. You either man up and become a prince, or continue to step down, makin’ yourself a toad.

Gentleman, know your worth. God’s got  better plans for you, plans you cannot even ask, think or imagine, plans that getting girls and money don’t even come close to! I share this advice with love. If you were wronged by a man in your life who should have been a prince, leading you in how to show and earn respect, don’t believe the lie that you’ll be no better so you mine as well not even try. God doesn’t make mistakes, we do. So don’t make the mistake to choose to settle for where you’re at in life. Choose to test God, take the King at His word, and see what He can do with you. He’ll take all the dirt, and robe you in pure white linen, He’ll take you from a toad to a true prince that makes your mama proud, makes younger men look up to you, and godly women to want a man like you. You can do it, all you have to do is give up the fight, and surrender to the Commander of the winning side. His name is Jesus, and He’s waiting to enlist you.

2 thoughts on “Dear player, you want a dime piece, or a priceless princess?

  1. Hey, this is great stuff. Thankfully I got a mentor that would not date unless he saw himself married to the woman in the future. I added to that: Friends for at least a year(I don’t mean once a week seeing each other. I mean true friendship), Christian, and I could see myself ending up marrying them before I start dating.

    Dating is special and I don’t want to have memories with one girl, and then do the same thing with another girl. It’s not the same. It makes the moment worth less than it should be.

    1. Amen, and amen brother! I WISH I never shared so many memories with all the guys I dated before I met my husband. What a shame, I dishonored some of them, got heart-broken multiple times, and broke hearts multiple times. Sure there were “good times” but they were selfish. Knowing now that since I did not know God, I didn’t pray and have Him guide me into the relationship, not knowing if the person was the one or not, and because none of them were, I added unneccessary baggage to their life, and along with “good times” painful moments.

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