My blogs: Oldest to Newest

Once upon a time I was a love-hungry man-eater.

I became all things to all men so that by all means I might snag some.

Ladies, know your worth!

Ladies: Close your legs.

“I’ve never felt like this for anyone before.”

Now I’m preaching to the prego baby mamas. Oh, and non-virgins too.

What you want in a man questionaire. Place your order!

The lust of my life.

Ex-boyfriend drama

Break-ups and the road to healing.

Bad Boys vs Good Guys

Got some toxic thoughts that are leading you to toxic behavior?

My heart-break journals during and after.

This is what love from a man should sound like.

Gentlemen letting the little boys know how to treat a lady

Songs to inspire hope and healing for your hurting heart

“Why men love b*tches.” Why this is a lie.

The never-ending battle between Spirit and Flesh

Blast from the past (those pesky exes)

Ladies: Enough is enough!

I’m not a princess. How do I undo what I’ve become?

Will a real gentleman please stand up? Hello? Is anyone there?

I can’t eat and look at what she’s wearing.

Even Christian girls are selling themselves short.

Every home-wrecker has her story.

Saw litmitless last night. Are girls really that easy?

If you think love is simply an emotion, here’s a wake-up call.

“If you love me, you’ll hve sex with me.”-your boyfriend

“How far can I go with my boyfriend?”

Ladies, for crying out loud, can you be a little mysterious?

“I’m a loser because my peer said so.”

“Why do I still have feelings for my ex?”

“This person will make me happy.”

“I’m ten and I pose topless like my grown-up media icons do.”

Can your affection be bought?

Object of sexual abuse to a princess of incluable worth.

Princess, gotta man who’s afraid of marriage?

After seeing Breaking Dawn, raise your hand if you want an Edward.

Be submissive to my husband? Kill me now.

For my husband.

Husbands, want to win your wife’s heart back?

A young man shares his views on sex. Ladies, a must see!

“You’re not the same man I fell in love with.”

If there’s a God, why does He let bad things happen to good people?

R-E-S-P-E-C-T, Ladies find out what it should mean to you.

What man can love you like this?

Witnessing Furious Love

I hate porn.

CONTROVERSY ALERT! I don’t hate homosexuals, but I don’t agree with the lifestyle.

Do you have a guy on your mind more often than not? You got a problem, girl: you’re setting yourself up for a heartbreak

Ignorant Christians.

My Holy Ghost celebrity hit-list

Before God I was…

There’s only one cure for loneliness, and it isn’t popularity.

All right, I’m annoyed. Love is NOT an emotion, people!

There’s a girl reading this who is crying right now.

Lifestyle of the rich and the famous:drug-related deaths” A list of notable people who have died from drug-related causes

The day I married my dream prince.

Abortion: The reality of what is being done to these unborn children

Good friends vs Bad ones

America’s modern-day Holocaust

It’s okay to kill a child in the womb when…

The day my Dream Prince proposed

Chivalry hasn’t died ladies, and if you think it has, you’re with the wrong guy!

Courtship vs Dating vlog

Dating and baggage are best friends

Christian guys who court interview teaser is now on youtube!


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