Blown away at the display of God’s love to a man who wasn’t searching for it

So I’m walking the dog, and I see this man who I’ve seen a few times before, walking with his little girl. I chat with them a bit, and as I’m walking back to my apartment, I think to myself, “I want to give him that book I was given, ‘Every man, God’s man.'” So I put the dog away, grab the book, and rush back outside. He was already gone. However, there was a man walking across the street carrying a bag, no direction, just walking around a building, and my heart is stirred. So I stop and begin to pray. I sense that I should give him the book instead so I run across the street, and say hello. Immediately, I hear the name ‘John’ in my mind. I ask him, “What’s your name?”

He looks at me with clear blue eyes. “John.”

“God told me your name was John.”

He doesn’t respond as I hand him the book. “What’s this about?”

“Just how every man is God’s man.” I go on to tell him about how much God loves him, and how if he wants to defeat this bondage, he has to receive God’s gift of Christ, his only Son. He shared with me that he believed God accepts ‘good people.’ I told him the Bible says, ‘No one does good, no not one.’ That it is by, ‘grace alone that you have been saved, not of works.’ That if it was of works, Christ didn’t have to die, but did because He’s the only perfect person, and that no matter what good deeds we do, we’ve all lied, cheated, or lusted, did something wrong, and that God looks at the heart, not what’s done on the outside.

After he told me he’d thought about coming back to God, I asked him if he wanted to receive God into his heart so that God can give him the strength and the power to let go of his addiction. He refused. I walked away quite sullen. But as I went into my closet, prayed for John and another homeless woman I know, and began to worship God, that sorrow quickly turned to joy. God told me he would deliver the both of them. And then it dawned on me, God knew John’s name. Even though he was walking around, alone and drunk, God saw him, God knows who he is, and God loves him that much that he had me go and tell him that, knowing that John would still refuse to accept him. It blew my mind. God loves us all desperately, even when we’re in the darkest place, drowning in sin, He sees us, and He stretches his hand out to us, pleading with us to come to Him so He can deliver us from the mess we’re in. God reminded me as I prayed and sang to Him, that He didn’t come to save the righteous, but that He came to seek and to save the lost. He literally searches for those who are lost and broken.

If you’re reading this, and you’re stuck in some sin, He sees you, and He knows your name. You’re not alone. He’s on the outside, and all He asks of you is to let Him in. When you do, everything will change. With love,


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