Wives: Satisfying your man isn’t enough

Disclaimer: I am speaking to wives. If you’re a girlfriend, please disregard this post and instead read this: http://betterthanedward.com/2011/09/19/if-you-love-me-youll-have-sex-with-me-your-boyfriend/

Last night I had a realization after conducting an act of intimacy for my husband. For the two years we’ve been married, sure I’ve “satisfied” my man, but I can only recall a handful of times (if that), where I’ve actually tried to please him.  Horrific, I know. But I’m believing I’m not the only wife who has committed this terrible wrong against their husband, hence the reason I’m blogging it.

What I discovered was that there’s a big difference between satisfying your man, and pleasing him. Satisfying is like a temporary fix that lasts for the fifteen seconds or so your husband…releases. Then it goes away and he may chat a little after, (because although many of us haven’t grasped this, sexual intimacy for him leads to his wanting to connect with us, satisfying our emotional needs for face to face time, or to put it plainly, it makes him happy so he gets talkative after), and then he goes about his business.

But when you please him, the happiness doesn’t fade away after a few minutes. When he’s at work, when he’s with the boys, when he’s out on a meeting he can’t wait to get to home to his woman. His eyes don’t linger on other girls because he’s too busy fantasizing about his wife.

When you please him, he naturally ends up pleasing you. That desire to feel wanted, well yeah, put some effort into the way you please your man sexually, and watch him kiss you and hug you and hold you more. I dare you to try initiating once in a while! Watch how much positive attention you get afterwards.

Just do it.

With love,


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