Exciting announcement coming soon!

I have an exciting announcement to share with you all regarding my first novel, but can’t tell you just yet. Hang in there, I’ll let you know soon enough…

Much love!



P.S. Since this post is quite lame, let me just say my spirit is stirred regarding what’s happening in Iran. Israel is our only true ally, so what in the heck is Obama doing? If he doesn’t support the Jews, then I don’t support him. (Not that I ever did, because his values and mine don’t mesh very well being that I’m anti-abortion and gay marriage), but anyway, some serious stuff is going down in the Middle East, and if you don’t know much about the Old Testament (the Jewish ancient writings, I suggest you check them out, because the prophecies in them are coming to pass. Also, Rihanna’s mocking of God is quite sad. Jesus says it’s better for a man to have a milestone tied around his neck and be thrown in the sea than to cause someone to stumble or to be drawn away from Him, but she apparently doesn’t know Scripture very well. She’s quite deceived and is deceiving many, but I’ll touch more on that later. For now, please know your worth. This world is fading.

                                    With love and concern,


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