Can someone let Rihanna, Jay Z, Kanye, and Gaga know that they are not God?

All I gotta ask is, did any of them choose to exist? Which one of them created themself? So if they didn’t even ask to be here, what makes them think they can mock God and claim to be God? They could be here today, and then gone tomorrow–their lives are just dust, like the rest of us on this earth. Money and fame got some people straight up delusional, soundin’ like they should be in an asylum. I mean seriously, when you think about it, how in the world would you react if I approached you and said–in all seriousness–that I was God? You’d laugh in my face, or keep on walkin’, yet it’s like we don’t hear when these artists claim to be God so openly in their music. No one stops and says, “Hold up, homie, you’re not God, you’re just a human being like me, susceptible to sickness, and most certaintly death.” So since no one is saying anything, I decided I would. Rihanna, you’re not God. Jay Z, you’re not God, Kanye, you’re not God, and Gaga, you’re not God, so please humble yourselves before He does.

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