Two years ago I thought [like so many people mistakenly do] that I could just write a novel, with pretty much no knowledge of the craft. I was wrong. After attending a writer’s conference and reading three books on writing, I realized my novel was written terribly! Unfortunately, there was miscommunication between my publisher and another seller, and they had my book available for purchase. For the most part, it’s no longer available, however, there may be a way to attain one of those wretched things, so I’m just informing those of you who follow this blog, DON’T BUY IT! Trust me, in the condition it’s in, it’ll be a huge waste of your money. To top it off, the cover isn’t even one I approved! Quite frustrating. But anyway, I’m doing some major revisions now so hang in there. I promise it’ll be worth the wait, and I will let you know when the REVISED one is available which will have THIS as the cover: Until then, know your worth.




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