Ladies, why waste your time on a guy if he isn’t the one?

Ladies, may I kindly ask why in the world you would waste your time on a guy if he isn’t the one? Because the fact is, if you desire to someday settle down and get married, then there is a man out there that God tailor-made just for you. So why be with a guy if you’re not sure, or are even certain, that he’s not the one? Now if you’re in a relationship and you don’t know if the guy is the one or not, here are some tips to help you figure it out:

1. If God isn’t first in your life, adjust your priorities.

Many times we don’t realize or even intend to, but we place a person, career, or dream first in our life. Eventually, when that person or thing doesn’t deliver the satisfaction we expected it to, we start to wake up and discover that something’s missing. I want to save you from that heartbreaking disappointment by encouraging you to pray. Ask God—not one you’ve fashioned in your mind or created based on your opinions—but ask aloud, “Whoever the real God is, please come into my life.” If you ask in sincerity for God to reveal Himself to you, and then prove you really desire to know Him by seeking Him out, He will show up.

2. Focus on God

After you accomplish step one, focus on getting to know God, and He’ll bring you the man He made for you. Yes, you actually don’t have to go on a manhunt. When you’re lost in God, your dream prince will come and find you. Seriously, when you let God bring you together, it’s like a movie. Trust me, I know this personally.

Good news: it’s that simple! Determine to put God first, and once He shows up, keep your focus on Him. Honestly, He’ll sweep you off your feet like no man on this planet ever could. I love my husband, he’s a gift from God, but he doesn’t come close to my main Man, Jesus, and although I’m the girl of his dreams, he says the same about me. Sigh. It’s a beautiful thing when you’re not your man’s world, and he’s not yours, but God is the center of both of your worlds and He holds you two together as you ride forward, accomplishing great feats and saving lives through the love and power He’s given you. Everyday of my life is an adventure. And my, oh my, is it exciting. Thank you, Lord!

So know your worth by getting to know the God who values you like no other. Love stands with His arms wide open, His eyes rapt on you. How much longer are you gonna make Him wait?

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