New video posted on Youtube: Don’t Cheat On Your Future Spouse

The most powerful video we’ve filmed as of yet.




8 thoughts on “New video posted on Youtube: Don’t Cheat On Your Future Spouse

  1. thank you so much Natasha you are such an inspiration your video gave me chills and it made me cry im 19 and still a virgin and i do have trouble with feeling alone and like no one will ever love me besides god so obviously i need to give him my whole heart

    1. Girl, I am so happy He used this for you. He es you with an everlasting love. You just begin to seek Him and you will discover His immeasurable love and all you fears will melt away. =) Praying for you.

  2. I lurved this video! It was serious (in a way that still made me laugh, sorry) and I completely agreed with the things you said. Thanks for talking about this as it would help people protect their hearts and wait on the Lord.

  3. Reblogged this on ChasteChica and commented:
    For those of you who are Christians battling the waters of chastity here are somethings to keep in mind. Also this is a video for those who need affirmation to protect their hearts.

    1. Thanks so much, Angel! So glad God is using this video and spreading His message. May His blessing be ever upon you. Keep growing deeper in your relationship with Him. Much love, and Know Your Worth,

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