I don’t care what Hollywood says, ladies, You’re Not an object for man’s pleasure

Hollywood can go to hell.

As you can see, I’m a bit hot-headed at the moment. Allow me to rephrase. Hollywood’s ideas concerning women can go to hell. I pray for the salvation of the souls from which these degrading thoughts stem from, but nevertheless, their ideas are absolutely despicable.

“Dang, Natasha, you usin’ some straight up powerful words here.”

I most certainly am because the Holy Spirit of the living God that has dwelt within me from the moment I invited Him inside stirs me to such anger because He too considers the way Hollywood depicts women as–dare I say it–abominable. Think about it, these are His daughters they’re messing with. If you have a loving Father (whose love comes nothing close to God’s), imagine if some men invited him for dinner and then told him several times how they think you’re just an object useful for their own sexual desires and not much more, and that all they wanted to do was bang you until they got tired of you and then moved on to your sister.

WHAT! Your father would be outraged! He’d likely grab a dinner knife and need to be restrained or he’d be in jail for life on murder charges.

Now consider the God of all creation, who created you out of love, with love, and for love; who says you are marvelous, who when he saw man by himself said it was not good for him to be alone and thus decided to make you as someone suitable to *help* the man; who entrusted you with the great responsibility of housing a child inside of your very body, protecting and nurturing it until ready to enter the world; God who commands the man who marries you to love you as he loves his own self, to not be bitter toward you, to protect and provide for you, to not even look after another woman with lust but to enjoy you his wife for all of his days, and to literally die for you if need be. Imagine how He feels when men so exploit you, His precious and prized creation. (Now, this also goes for women who objectify men because there are some who do this as well, and all of God’s creation is prized in His sight).

Well, it’s about time women stop buying into the bull-crap, and start buying into what the God of the universe says about them. It is time to get to know God so you can truly discover your incalculable value and stop settling for guys who would tell you you ain’t worth nothin’ but a few drinks or a movie. It is time to toss those Cosmopolitan magazines that on every wicked cover shout that you’re just a sex-toy in the trash and time to pick up a Bible that says you’re a princess who is to be loved and cherished, and is to to have a man commit his very life to you before he can have access to your body which isn’t some object for pleasure, but a sacred temple.

These aren’t Natasha’s made-up words and ideas, this is what the Inspired Word of God has to say about every woman.

Hollywood’s lies end right here. Share this truth with every woman you know. For you are all worth so much more than these liars make you out to be. Be free from the bondage of their demeaning conditioning in the name of Jesus Christ and be loosed to walk as the beautiful princess He created you to be in Him.

Know Your Worth.


3 thoughts on “I don’t care what Hollywood says, ladies, You’re Not an object for man’s pleasure

  1. love it natasha. thank u! it really means so much. Honestly there needs to be more woman that think the way you do and care as much as you do. i feel you though i feel the same way. its horrible and i know don’t pray for these woman and men who trash everything that God created them to be just please them selves. We honestly do need to know that we are worth Gods time and realize how important are worth is.

    1. Amen girl =)) Thanks so much for taking the time to read. God is faithful. Just shot a video of this blog tonight. It’s quite powerful.

  2. My boss just now introduced me to your site.. Wow ,I could go on reading and reading! How easilly we ladies forget how special we are! Thank you for refreshing my spirit and mind!

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