How did I know Sir Jonathan was the one?

Many people ask me, “How did you know Jonathan was the one?”

This may sound shallow, but the first thing I noticed was the attraction (bear with me). To me, Jonathan was the most gorgeous guy I’d ever seen. He had everything I wanted; pale skin, black hair, and light eyes.

Now, I know Satan can very well bring you counterfeits so attraction is obviously just a minor clue, and most certainly not the only one. (Side note: If the guy isn’t a believer, scratch him off the potential-husband list immediately).

Next: He shared the same calling. Sir Jonathan, like me, is an actor, writer, and director (though I’m pretty sure God’s not calling me to be a film-director, He has called me to direct theatre actors).

Thirdly, and very importantly: My prayers regarding him and our relationship were consistently, unfailingly, being answered.

I prayed behind Sir Jonathan’s back that he’d really begin reading the Bible, listening to music by Christian artists, go to Calvary with me, make friends with godly brothers who could pour into him, get baptized, leave the Catholic church, and not wanna wait so long to marry me (early on in our relationship, he’d say he wouldn’t be ready probably until he was twenty-five! Mind you, we were nineteen at the time!) Every single one of those prayers got answered. And I was there when Jonathan finished reading the New Testament for the first time, and I witnessed his baptism. Oh, and these prayers got answered without me forcing them to happen (in the very beginning I did talk to Jonathan about how important reading the Bible was, but he’d get upset at me telling him what he should do so I quickly learned, and God confirmed through a random recently converted old friend, that I needed to shut up and pray).

Then there was a crucial moment four months into our relationship on the day I got back from a ten day mission trip to Romania. God told me something I thought I’d never hear Him say: Break up with him.

I was confused, I admit, because I really thought Jonathan was the one, but I knew God wanted me to break up with him, so I did.

For two days I fasted and prayed. After praying for probably the thirtieth time, I rose from my knees and plopped onto my bed. Above me, part of book hung off my head-rest. I snatched Choosing God’s Best. See, a month or so before leaving for Romania, a big sister in Christ told me, “I feel led to give you this.” It was a book on courtship–the term I had first heard a month or two before on a Christian radio station. I had sensed that God wanted me to talk to Jonathan about courting, but I had completely forgotten to. So I finally opened the book to any page and began reading.

The entire chapter was about how damaging dating is to a relationship, and how if that’s what you were doing in your relationship, God was able to “restore the years the locusts have eaten.” Literally, I kid you not, right after I finished that last sentence, Jonathan called me. I answered and re-read the entire chapter to him. He didn’t know what courting was and after what I did to him, he didn’t know if he could trust me, and wasn’t sure he wanted to start over. So, I put my phone on mute and prayed:

“Lord, if You don’t want me with Jonathan, then harden his heart against me, but, if You do want us together, soften his heart, and let him forgive me, in Jesus’ name.” Right after I prayed that and took the phone off mute, suddenly, out of nowhere Jonathan says, “Natasha, I wanna grow old with you.” He decided to take me back, and agreed to court. Oh! Did I mention while in Romania God reminded me of a “spiritual father” a term I’d heard on that radio station so, on the bus in Oradea, I begin to challenge what I believed was God’s voice.

Okay, Lord. I thought, and then began seeking.

Me: Matt? 

God: No.

Me: Mike?

God: No.

Me: Pastor John?

God: Yes.

Okay, God, let’s see if this is really You. I got up from my seat–we had parked at a gas station–and approached Pastor John.

“Hey, Pastor John, do you know what a spiritual father is?”


“Have you ever been a spiritual father?”

He chuckled. “Many times.”

“If me and Jonathan ever get to that point, would you mind being our spiritual father?”

“I’d love to. When we get back we’ll set up a meeting.”

After three times of running into Pastor John at our huge church, Jonathan finally decided he was ready to meet alone with Pastor John.

Real quick (I forgot one lol), two months or so before Jonathan was ready to meet Pastor John, he was still attending Catholic church and not reading much of the Bible. I wasn’t sure if we were equally yoked, so again, I prayed and cried out to God:

“Lord, if You want me to break up with him, tell me and I will! Please, confirm for me if Jonathan’s the one!” I flung my Bible open to Isaiah 43:19. I didn’t understand it, but God told me to read it in the Amplified Bible. This is what it said:

Behold, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs forth; do you not perceive and know it and will you not give heed to it? I will even make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.

20 The beasts of the field honor Me, the jackals and the ostriches, because I give waters in the wilderness and rivers in the desert, to give drink to My people, My chosen,

21 The people I formed for Myself, that they may set forth My praise [and they shall do it].

This hit home. God’s Word is likened to water, and Jonathan was in a dry place, a desert place due to his lack of consumption of God’s Word. So I knew this passage was talking about Jonathan, God’s “Chosen” for me. That he would one day really set forth God’s praise and be whole-heartily seeking Him.

Now, we both wanted to get married, and felt like we were the ones for each other, but we still wanted to be absolutely sure that God wanted the same. So we prayed for confirmation. The day I asked God to confirm for me if He wanted me to marry Jonathan, I was serving at a Christian foster care home and there were children there from the Haiti earthquake. One of them walks over to me and hands me a card from a game they were playing before I got there. The card she just so happened to place in my hand–again, the day I asked God to confirm if Jonathan was the one He wanted me to marry–was of a lifeguard with hair just like Jonathan’s and green eyes, with the title “Lifeguard” beneath him. At this time, Jonathan was a lifeguard at CB Smith park.

Finally, he proposes, and we take our first pre-marital course. And what is the passage of Scripture the pastor happens to open up with? You guessed it: Isaiah 43:19-21.

There were a few other little things, but these were the major ones that God used to tell me, “Yes, daughter, Jonathan is the prince I want you to marry.”

5 thoughts on “How did I know Sir Jonathan was the one?

  1. Very nice, just one question though. How come you wanted to marry quick? You said that you didnt want him to wait long to marry you. Howcome? I ask this because I am in a similar situation

    1. Well our spiritual father at the time, the pastor overseeing our relationship, put it this way: if you’re engaged for over a year, you’re pushing it. You don’t want to tempt yourself. If you know you both are called to get married and have enough money to survive and have prepared (we took 12 weeks premarital and read Love & Respect together, and got counseled monthly by a pastor) then why wait?

  2. Oh well yes that makes sense.. I said I’m in a similar situation but I guess its different. We are both 2 years from graduating college. Hes 23 im 21 but we are really struggling with the fleshly desires. We actually called a fast this week from each other so we can over come the sin. Is it bad that we know we want to marry each other but that we are going to wait 2 years given the sinful circumstances? I will over come this sin I am sure, but i don’t know if its good to wait?

    Thank you for your feedback. You’re an inspiration.

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