Give in to His love

I had an appointment for a free leg wax today and honestly wasn’t too excited about going, but just decided to go through with it. So while I’m in the room, somehow or another we get to talking about how I knew Jonathan was the one (oh right, she said I looked young to be married), and then she’s like, “Oh my goodness, you sound just like my mother! She’s 100% Christian. The past four years she’s just become so Christian, and she’s always telling me about these amazing things God’s doing, etc. etc.” And I’m thinking man, this girl hears it all the time from her mom, about how amazing it is to be in a love relationship with the Lord, now here He is, bringing some random girl to tell her the same thing, and I’m like, “Man, God just knocks and knocks and when you sense Him knocking, He just gets louder and louder. He’s such a stalker!” And another girl there started opening up at how she just bought her first Bible last week and how she wants to really start following Him as well and telling me how He’s been calling her and we both were like, “Wow, it truly is amazing that the God of the Universe cares that much to have a relationship with us.”

I also began to share with her what the Lord had told me to read this morning from the book of Hosea; how Hosea was a prophet the Lord told to marry a prostitute because at the time, the nation of Israel, His people, were “playing the harlot,” that is, worshiping other gods. And how in the first chapter He’s very upset, calling Israel “Not His people” and a harlot. It deeply hurts Him that they have now given their love and attention to false gods, the gods the other nations worshiped, and how they had completely forgotten about Him. He’s so mad, He talks about how He’s going to give them over to their enemies and no longer have mercy on them, but then immediately, it’s like His love for them is so great, He just can’t–despite for how much and for how long they’ve been ignoring Him and showing other gods their love and devotion–completely cut them off. He says in verse ten that yet still, He is going to so multiply the children of Israel and that in the place where it was said to them, “You are not my people,” it shall be said to them, “You are the sons of the living God.”

I’m just blown away by His love and grace. These people have completely turned their backs on Him, doing disgusting things: having sex with temple prostitutes of the false gods, sacrificing their children to these gods by burning them in fire and YET God says, ‘One day, you’ll be called My sons.” To be a son of a king means to be the heir of their throne. God looks at us, having premarital sex, going wild at clubs and parties, or just completely shrugging Him off, and yet He desires to make US His sons? The heirs of His kingdom? The kingdom where there’s no more pain, sorrow, or death, but just complete righteousness, joy, and peace?

Think about that.


In chapter two His love for rebellious people just further blows my mind. He begins to talk about how Israel was His wife, and He her Husband. That’s how intimate He sees His relationship with His people; He compares it to the most intimate relationship one can have on earth: marriage. And again, He talks about the punishment He’s going to bring on them; destroying their crops, taking away their joy, but just like in chapter one, right after He pronounces the well-deserved punishments, He starts talking about how He’s going to bless them again after these things (see He knows that unfortunately, all the prophets He sent before were to of no avail; they didn’t bring about a change of heart in the people. Israel could care less that God was sending them warnings through prophets so now He says, ‘I’m gonna take away all the things that cause you to prosper and have joy, because only then will you recognize that I was the One who gave them to you in the first place, and then you will return to Me). So He says after these punishments:

“Therefore, behold, I will allure her,
Will bring her into the wilderness,
And speak comfort to her.
 I will give her her vineyards from there,
And the Valley of Achor as a door of hope;
She shall sing there,
As in the days of her youth,
As in the day when she came up from the land of Egypt.

 “And it shall be, in that day,”
Says the Lord,
That you will call Me ‘My Husband,’
And no longer call Me ‘My Master,’
 For I will take from her mouth the names of the Baals,
And they shall be remembered by their name no more.
 In that day I will make a covenant for them
With the beasts of the field,
With the birds of the air,
And with the creeping things of the ground.
Bow and sword of battle I will shatter from the earth,
To make them lie down safely.

“I will betroth you to Me forever;
Yes, I will betroth you to Me
In righteousness and justice,
In lovingkindness and mercy;
 I will betroth you to Me in faithfulness,
And you shall know the Lord.

 “It shall come to pass in that day
That I will answer,” says the Lord.” -Hosea 2:14-21


See ladies, the affection and attention you crave from men, it is a desire God gave you, but a desire only He could fulfill. These men breaking your hearts, or maybe even treating you like silver (not gold, unless he loves and honors the Lord), but it not being enough, that’s just because a man cannot satisfy and fill that need that you have for love. Only God can. Only the Lord who so desperately wants your attention and love, only He can complete you. Before Sir Jonathan was placed in my path, I was complete. For the first time in my life I didn’t care about having a boyfriend. I didn’t even want one! Why? Because I had finally allowed God to fulfill that void in me. And my, did He satisfy me! (My friends and family can tell you; they thought I was nuts!) But you know how when you meet a guy you think is just so hot and amazing, and you can’t stop talking about him to your friends? Well, that’s just how it was and still is to this day with Jesus. He is so amazing and treats me with such incredible love that I can’t help but tell others about Him. My husband is great, but like I’ve said MANY times before, Jonathan doesn’t hold a candle to my Lord. No man on this earth comes close to how wonderful God is.

Beautiful princesses, I plead with you, allow God to love on you, to pour out His love on you. It is His desire to just drown you with love. The Bible says like how parents decide to have kids just because they desire them and want to love them, God made all of us for, “His good pleasure.” It just pleased Him to have sons and daughters. It’s time to come home to Him. Only then will your heart be at rest, and your joy complete.

“These things I have spoken to you, that My joy may remain in you, and that your joy may be full.” -Jesus (John 15:11)

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