A must see on sex, love, and relationships!

This past Wednesday me and Sir Jonathan were blessed to have a surprise speaker at our church, Chip Ingram from Living on the Edge ministries. He spoke about Hollywood’s prescription for lasting relationships versus God’s.


  1. Find the right person.
  2. Fall in love.
  3. Fix your goals and dreams around this person.
  4. If steps 1-3 don’t work, repeat cycle with someone else.


  1. Become the right person.
  2. Walk in love
  3. Fix your hope on God (Seek to please Him)
  4. If failure occurs go back to square 1 and ask yourself, “Am I the right person, am I walking in love, etc.


This man hits it on the head way better than Sir Jonathan and I ever could, so please give this message a lesson. This is the video from the night he visited our church. It is a must see! Click on the message entitled: Sex, love, and relationships.


Know Your Worth.

Much love,



4 thoughts on “A must see on sex, love, and relationships!

  1. I just finished watching it and it was exactly what I needed to hear. I know that I have been brainwashed on the worlds ways for dating and finding the perfect mate. But I know that, that’s not my job. My job isn’t to go fishing and searching. My job is to chase after God with all that I have in me and once He feels that I am ready He will provide. Lust (what I can get) is what drives many of us these days and we confuse it with love (what I can give). I loved and appreciated this message very much. Thank you for the post.

    Love you sis.

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