He’s Just A Shark In A Christian Costume

So, I’m at this conference and there’s a guy here close to my age, admittedly not bad-looking, and at first I didn’t get any weird vibes from him. But yesterday, when he demanded in a “fun” way for me to sit with him, my God-given discernment kicked in. Then today, when he made a comment that ended with, “And I love that about you,” red flags started flappin’ around my brain and I scurried outta dodge!

See princesses, even if you’re married, men (sometimes even married themselves!), can and likely will try to make subtle passes at you. Sure they have the Christian title, maybe even work in a Christian-owned company, and MAY even be saved, BUT if he isn’t *surrendered* to the Lord, he can be a wolf in sheep’s clothing, or as I like to call them, a shark.

How you discern these sharks from genuine fishermen for Jesus is by the little things they subtly slip into conversations. If any man besides your husband, father, or uncle tells you he, “loves” something about you, that could be a red-flag. If he wants to be around you with no real need to, that can be another indicator of wrong intentions.

Here’s what you do when you’re sensing a man may be attracted to you and secretly trying to lure you:

  1. Pray him away.
  2. Purpose to avoid him.
  3. If he is persistent, put your heel down and let him know you think he’s behaving inappropriately and needs to stop.
  4. If he’s psycho and step number 3 fails, ask your husband to step in.
  5. If even number 4 doesn’t work, immediately call the police department.

Precious princesses, please be wise and discern when a man is being inappropriate toward you. And PLEASE do NOT entertain it. He will get the wrong message and pursue you all the more, and it’s sharks like these who sneak in and if we allow them to, can very well destroy our marriage and families.

Boundaries are extremely important, and when it comes to maintaining fidelity in your marriage, you can never be too cautious.

Until next time, know your worth.

With love,


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