Don’t You Know “Single and Content” is An Oxymoron

“How can I be content right now?
How do I know if this guy is the one?
I need advice!!!”

I highly suggest you keep waitin’. If this man is for you and spiritually mature, He will hear the Lord tell him to pursue you. Men are designed by our Heavenly Father to lead, so let him lead! You keep your eyes on Jesus and literally off this young man. Fight yourself–you want to be pure in heart and thought, you don’t want to start lusting. So, how to be content? Ask the Lord to help you love Him to the point where you’re completely content being married to just Him (Jesus does refer to Himself as our Bridegroom). I am telling you from personal experience and from witnessing it in the lives of other sisters and even brothers, you can come to a place of such great love and devotion to our amazing King, getting married will be in the back of your mind because experiencing God and being led by Him is such an adventure you really get caught up in it.

My husband, my prince, is great, I’m very blessed, but he can’t sweep me off my feet like my King does. So ask God to so consume and overwhelm you with the knowledge of the depth, height, width and length of His love. He will answer swiftly!

Don’t worry about the man He has for you. It’s God’s job to bring you together. And if you’re not 100% satisfied being single, you won’t be satisfied once you’re married. Christ must be your all in all. Otherwise, when your husband or someone else disappoints you (trust me, we’re all imperfect sinners, we all let each other down) you will be crushed and get discouraged and never be useful to the Lord because you’re always sad and looking for contentment. We can’t give what we don’t have. You can’t tell others to love the Lord with all their heart if you have yet to.

Marriage can be beautiful, but it’s very hard and is nothing like Hollywood portrays relationships to be. It’s not about getting happiness out of this person, it’s literally about laying your life down and will down for another person.

“Wives submit to your husbands in all things as unto Christ for the husband is head.”

If you’re not ready for that, trust me, you don’t wanna get married now.
We’re in a war: Satan and his angels vs. God and His. When we get married, we are partnering together in this war for souls and it doesn’t matter as much what a guy likes, but what he loves, what does he care about, what does he want to see changed, what has God laid on his heart to change?

When you come together it’s to do ministry together. If your guy has a heart for the homeless and wants to reach those in his city but you have a heart for missions and want to travel to other countries, you have to question if this is the man for you. But first things first: contentment in Christ. Ask God for that.

Ladies, if you need advice, feel free to email me:

Until next time,

Know your worth

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