“The 12 Tests of Love”

Thanks Chip Ingram for this awesome test!

The 12 Tests of Love

1. Test of Time – Love benefits and grows through time; infatuation dies down with time.

2. Test of Knowledge – Love grows out knowing many characteristics of the other person. Infatuation may grow out of an acquaintance with a person, or just knowing a few things about them.

3. Test of Focus – Genuine love is other-person centered. Infatuation is self-centered.

4. Test of Singularity – Genuine love is focused on only one person. An infatuated individual may be “in love” with two or more people at the same time.

5. Test of Security – Genuine love requires and fosters a sense of security and feelings of trust. An infatuated individual is not even thinking about security, or what will happen between them in the future.

6. Test of Work – An individual in love works for the other person for his or her mutual benefit. An infatuated person loses his or her ambition, appetite, and interests in everyday life.

7. Test of Problem Solving – A couple in love faces problems frankly and tries to solve them. Infatuated people tend to disregard or try to ignore problems.

8. Test of Distance – Love knows the importance of distance. Infatuation imagines love to be intense closeness, 24/7, all the time.

9. Test of Physical Attraction – Physical attraction is a relatively small part of love, but it is a central focus of infatuation.

10. Test of Affection – In love affection is expressed later in the relationship. In infatuation affection is expressed earlier, many times at the very beginning.

11. Test of Stability – Love tends to endure. Infatuation may change suddenly and unpredictably.

12. Test of Delayed Gratification – A couple in genuine love in not indifferent to the timing of their wedding, but they do not feel an irresistible drive toward it. An infatuated couple tends to feel an urge to get married – instantly. Postponement for the infatuated is intolerable.

Did you have more “L”s for Love or “I”s for Infatuation when you totaled it up?

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