Strongly desiring a husband is a curse

I got a revelation today while doing research for my ebook:

To the woman God said: “Your desire shall be for your husband, And he shall rule over you.” (Genesis 3:16)

That strong desire many of us women have to get married is actually a curse! Can you believe it? This Scripture, though I’ve read it numerous times, just went right over my head (but hey, God’s Word is alive, it’ll do that: speak to you at different times though you’ve read the same verse often).

So many of us think about marriage a lot. We fantasize about meeting ‘the one,’ we get all cute when we go to Church just in case we meet a godly man, we envy those in godly marriages. This, sweet princesses, is a curse from God, given to Eve because of her disobedience. But thank God for Jesus Christ, because through Him, we do not have to be ruled by this curse. Our sins have been forgiven, and if we just continue in obedience to God, we will not suffer the “When is my husband coming” syndrome.

“Natasha, you’re only able to say this because you already got your husband.”

Honey, I was more than content with Jesus before Sir Jonathan stepped into my path. You can ask my mama, my sister, and my BFF, Marilyn. I didn’t want a boyfriend, I had my heart and mind focused on Jesus, and for once in twelve years I finally was content being single.

“So what are you saying?”

I’m saying you too can be satisfied with Christ alone as your Man. All it takes is an obedient pursuit.

Ever had a serious crush on a guy, or thought you were in love with a guy? Tell me you didn’t pursue him hardcore. I remember bursting out of class the moment the bell rang and running down the hallway at school in high-heels so I can casually walk down the hall the guy I liked would be in. I also remember driving to my then-boyfriend’s house three times in our short two-week relationship and waiting hours for him to come home so I can talk to him.

If we pursue Jesus with the same devotion, He will blow our minds. If we walk in obedience, not lusting, not dishonoring our parents, serving others, and get to know Jesus by reading His Word, praying, and worshipping Him (you know, in song), thinking about our future husband will be tossed to the very back of our minds. We will be so enthralled at how amazing of a Man Jesus is, He will consume our hearts, and “quiet us with His love” (Zephaniah 3:17).

If you’ve been getting down because you’re anxious for a husband, just repent. Ask Jesus to forgive you and help you pursue Him with zeal and walk in obedience to His will. Then He’ll blow your mind and you will discover what true joy is.


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