Praying with my husband


Some people love going out with their spouses. Some love exercising with their spouses. Some love vacationing with their spouses. I love praying with my spouse.
Don’t get me wrong, I love doing everything with my spouse. We eat together, work together, hang together, watch movies together, go to Bible studies together, drive together, I mean we are married, so we do life together, but of all the things we share in this life, I really love praying with my husband. It’s like the glue in our marriage, it’s what keeps us sticky-close. Our Father, our King, answers our requests and with Him at the center, our marriage has just gotten better and better. It’s been such a blessing to grow in our relationship with The Lord, how God has used our union to draw us nearer to Him, made us more like Him, and accomplish greater things for Him. It’s so encouraging. It’s one thing to have fun with your spouse, but a whole ‘nother to look beyond yourselves and see God affect others through your marriage. Without prayer, our marriage would begin to crumble. We would get blind-sighted, focusing on ourselves and our own needs rather than the greater purpose of our union and that it’s just that: a union. We’re in this together.
When you stop praying for one another and praying together, Satan and our own deceitful hearts have a way of causing us to believe our spouse is the enemy, they’re the one hurting us by not giving us what we think they should rather than remembering our war is not between flesh and blood, but between demonic powers in the heavenly realm. That’s another reason I just love praying with Sir Jonathan: my focus is on truth, it isn’t twisted or skewed. I know my husband is my partner, my leader, my best friend.
Prayer is many things, but in a marriage it’s the ammo against the enemie’s fiery arrows and lies, and it’s your spiritual spectacles.
Me and hubby need to bathe our marriage in prayer so it will be pure and powerful. I don’t trust either of us can create that sort of outcome on our own. We need Jesus and we know it! I pray you and your spouse come to the same conclusion.


If you haven’t been praying for and with your spouse, what’s your reason?
Is there something you love doing with your spouse that brings you closer to God and helps you see things in His perspective?

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