I Read Erotic Novels, But I Read My Bible Too


I’m gonna go on a limb and say there’s a chance there’s a woman reading this who is a Christian, but has read or is currently reading a romance novel.

Now if it’s written by a Christian who is keeping it PG, then I’m not writing to you, princess.

But if you’ve read one or are reading one with erotic scenes, please keep reading.

Sometimes we think God’s okay with our reading choices because we’re not actually doing what we’re reading. But we can’t forget He knows our every thought and the motives in our heart, every secret thing we hide deep inside.

If the romance novel only has two pornographic scenes, we keep reading, silencing our consciences because it’s just words and not as graphic as a television screen.

But did not Jesus equate lust with adultery?

God is the epitome of holy. He turns away in disgust at our sinful thoughts. Yet He does forgive those who are truly repentant. And He forgets.

But dear woman, we must not think it’s okay to continue reading, watching, or just fantasizing about certain things, namely, sexual things (unless we’re married and thinking about our spouse, but if you are married you won’t even have to fantasize).

God sees, He hears, He knows.

We should be afraid of Him. But it should be our love for Him that causes us to obey, just as Jesus taught.

In other words: if you’re okay with the stuff you’re watching, reading, listening to, or doing, then you don’t love Him with all your heart. You may love Him with some of your heart, but that’s like saying on your wedding day, “I’ll mostly stay through sickness and health, and all the other stuff, but not entirely.”

I wouldn’t have married Jonathan if I knew there were other women he loved besides me. I want his 100% devoted love, not some or most of it. And God is no different in that respect. He expects, with good reason, all of you.

I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service. (Romans 12:1)

What are you thinking, reading, watching, listening to, or doing that you know isn’t God-honoring? If you call yourself a Christ-follower, that title entails a denial of self, a “crucifying” of one’s sinful desires, and a pursuit of Jesus.

Do you love Him with all of your heart?

I’m not saying if you’re a Christian you should be perfect. I am saying if you’re a Christian you should strive for holiness, just as your Heavenly Father is holy.

He gave everything for us. He deserves nothing less in return.

Have any thoughts on this post? Feel free to share them in a comment.

2 thoughts on “I Read Erotic Novels, But I Read My Bible Too

  1. Well said Natasha!! Well said!! I completely agree, thanks for writing this, many ladies even within the church need to read this!!!

    1. Thanks for reading! Feel free to share it, girl. I never thought about this until seeing someone who said they’re a Christian write about a romance novel they’re reading that has very sexual content in it.

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