This Brother Better Start Pursuing Me Or …

Dear sister, if you like a Christian brother, wait for him to pursue.

If you are a faithful wife to Christ—loving Him in spirit and in truth, devoted to Him, honoring Him with a holy life—and are serious about being that kind of wife for an earthly husband, all you need to do is pray.

If you know a single brother who is likewise loving and honoring the Lord, and you like him, pray if God so wills, to lay you on this brother’s heart and have him pursue you. Then forget about it.

Go and continue focusing on the Lord, spending quality time with, loving Him like Mary Magdalene did who sat at His feet and soaked in His Word. Use the gifts He’s given you to serve Him (if you won’t serve the perfect God, what makes you think you will serve an imperfect man?)

It’s as simple as that. Loving and obeying your Heavenly Husband first. That’s what I was doing when Sir Jonathan came galloping into my life. I wasn’t going to church to search for a husband. I was simply hungry for God’s Word. I wasn’t on an online dating site. I wasn’t signing up to several bible studies in hopes that I’d meet a cute godly brother.

God works things out. You do know He has a book written on your life, right? Trust me, you don’t want it to say:

“My daughter was supposed to wait, cast her cares upon Me, and let Me be enough, but then she began pursuing a man I did not desire her to be with, and they got married. She will drift away from Me for ten years and then will come back once the man has divorced her.”

Don’t make it happen. Let it happen. Your Father has a Son He will cause to pursue you. Are you trusting Him, or yourself?

What are your thoughts, ladies? Any prayer requests or testimonies? Please feel free to share them in a comment.

8 thoughts on “This Brother Better Start Pursuing Me Or …

  1. Thanks soooo much for writing this post!! I really needed to read this…it has given me peace and encouragement to just trust and wait on God. It’s so easy to get distracted and loose focus, but I want to be at His feet like you said. And I would hate my book to read that way…I just want to wait on God and be so in love with Him!!! I was thinking just yesterday that all I know is that no matter how I feel and what I want, I truly want God’s will, desires, and plan for my life. Even if God never brings my husband, I will still love HIm with my whole heart, soul and strength, because He has already done so much for me. God has given me more than enough, and HE has been incredibly good to me. We need to let go of those things our hearts want to hold onto, those things our hands are gripping so tightly and just give it to God and rest in His peace, trusting that HE is good and that He knows what is best for us!

  2. Natasha this post is so true and thank you for writing this. I never thought of it the way you said it. This part sure woke me up, “My daughter was supposed to wait, cast her cares upon Me, and let Me be enough, but then she began pursuing a man I did not desire her to be with, and they got married. She will drift away from Me for ten years and then will come back once the man has divorced her.”
    It is scary to think about all the people who turn away from the Lord because the wrong person came into their lives to steer them away from God and his destiny for there life. Sometimes people think God’s just trying to keep them from him or her; but in reality God is trying to prevent us from going down a road we don’t need to go now. He sees what the enemy has planned for them. Basically, just like what you said with the scenario you gave, it all turns out to be a big mess and we end up running back to God to fix it. God’s word says he will restore the years the locus ate, so you do not have to worry about the end result being too big for God to fix. But people have to understand he put us here for a divine purpose and Satan will try whatever means he can use to distract us from our purpose on this earth. Sadly, some people never find their purpose because they only listen to the distractions and ignore God. If you find yourself in a situation that you just can not let go of, do not push God away. He is faithful and not a liar. He says call on the name of the Lord and you shall be “saved”. Just talk to God and say “God save me from this. I can not let go and don’t let me marry anyone who is not the person for me. God help me get out of this”. And do not be ashamed to ask God for help, he understands our circumstances and the prayer does not have to be some long sophisticated prayer. Just be real and before you know it, God will change your heart and give you the tenacity to end it. Basically, never give up on God. If you find yourself placing someone or something above God just know it is a trap from the Satan to get you off of the right road in life and that it is not from God. God said he is jealous for us. So why would he send someone to take us away from him? The answer to that is he wouldn’t. Jesus Christ said the number one commandment is to Love God with all you heart. God is never going to send anyone that causes us to disobey him in our lives, but he will get us out of those situations.

  3. Thanks so much for writing this post! I felt like I heard the Lord tell me to “live my life and let him come to me.” There is such a special feeling in being pursued but of course by the right man of God. I think about the ways that the Lord pursues me: He is gentle not forcing me into anything and keeping my best interest at heart. I feel secure and rested in His love that I do not have to do anything but trust and wait. Thank you for encouraging us to wait for the man to pursue. God presents the woman to the man and the man finds the woman. I want only to be found by my Man of God. Very encouraging to hear and know. Much love!

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