Ms. Career Woman, You Have No Idea What You’re Missing Out On

Where do you find your significance? Where do you find your identity?

Why do you write, why do you sing, why do you act?

Do you want to be noticed? Would you feel more significant if more people acknowledge your existence? Is it a desire, is it a craving, the attention?

As the days go by, this desire within me grows. Not to sing, not to act, not to write, but to be a mother.

For the first two-and-a-half years of my marriage I wanted to be a writer, and a singer. I wanted my books out there. I had a drive though I thought it was fueled by desiring to get the gospel out, and to be used by God. Kingdom builders right?

But now I realize kingdom building isn’t solely reliant on how many books I sell, or concerts and albums I have. It’s when I am personally pouring into someone, a young girl or children, that I am truly being effective and building God’s kingdom. Really, how many books have completely changed your life? Or how many songs? They may speak to you in that moment, or encourage you in that moment, but it’s the Holy Spirit working in your life and through His body that really builds you up. It’s when His people take the time to reach out to you, to listen to you, pray with you, rejoice with you, teach you. It’s when relationships are built, and they can’t be built by reading a book or listening to a song.

I told my husband today, “As the days go by, I keep getting more and more bored with writing.”

I don’t get bored teaching fifth graders the Bible every Wednesday, or my brothers and sisters how to act in order to teach children God’s truths. That never bores me.

I was built to be a mother. I was built to procreate. I was built to teach and to love. I was built for relationships.

That’s what I desire. I’m a daughter of God and like my Creator, I want children. I want to be a mom.

7 thoughts on “Ms. Career Woman, You Have No Idea What You’re Missing Out On

  1. I’ve honestly had to stop and ask myself that question, “What is it that you really desire? To get on stages doing spoken word to get glory, or to give all the glory to God? Do you seek to lift yourself up or to allow God to use you to lift up someone else?” Lovely article, as always. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Loved it! I’m 16 and am sooo excited to being a mom and wife to a good man. I have trouble staying realistic and thinking of career goals before I can be a wife/mom. We need a little more of each other ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m so glad that God is working in your heart though, that is awesome! Love you, sister!

  3. Great post! I’ve heard this said before: kids being brought up in the Lord are burden lifters, not burden adders. They are in the world to lift the world, to have His name known to the world. Kingdom builders are raised by godly-married couples/parents. Your kids might grow up to be pastors, worship leaders, Christian authors, physicians that are working for the Lord, etc.

    There’s a great parallel in 1 Kings 8:17-20
    “Now it was in the heart of my father David to build a temple for the name of the Lord God of Israel. But the Lord said to my father David, โ€˜Whereas it was in your heart to build a temple for My name, you did well that it was in your heart. Nevertheless you shall not build the temple, but your son who will come from your body, he shall build the temple for My name.โ€™ So the Lord has fulfilled His word which He spoke; and I have filled the position of my father David, and sit on the throne of Israel, as the Lord promised; and I have built a temple for the name of the Lord God of Israel.”

    As you see, it was David’s desire to establish the temple (a kingdom). But instead, his son carried on this will as a legacy to fulfill the promise. However, this doesn’t mean that David wasn’t part of the “kingdom building role.” In fact, he played a very important role that if he didn’t raise Solomon to fear the Lord, this whole thing wouldn’t have accomplished in the first place.

    It is simply this: being a godly-mommy is the best career that God has hired (called) you personally and whoever that He brings to your family, He knows that you guys would be the best parents to raise that child/children.

    1. Thanks so much for this! This was beautifully put, and I completely agree. I can’t wait to bring children into this world, if God would so bless us. Please keep us in prayer. Financially we aren’t doing great, but I know God is in control.

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