Who’s Your Celeb Crush?

Please princess, be very diligent in guarding your heart. I recently wrote a blog about being careful who you make memories with, but failed to mention you must also be careful not to create memories with celebrities or fantasy characters.

I know a lot of women have celeb crushes, even many Christian women. We trick ourselves into thinking it’s okay since we’d likely never meet the person so nothing will ever happen, yet when we lust after them or fantasize about them, are not things already happening in our minds and hearts?

When we are married, if we’ve never protected or took control of our thoughts, how can we expect to suddenly stop crushing on celebrities?

Consider: if your husband told you the fantasies he’s had of let’s say, Katie Perry, would you be fine with it, or get jealous and upset?

Of course you’d get upset! Love is jealous for that which it loves. Love is protective over that which it loves.

So please, guard your mind and heart. If you’re flicking through channels and notice a very attractive man on the screen and your eyes desire to see more, keep flicking!

I know sometimes you can watch a film where the buff leading man is shirtless the whole time, and not let it faze you, but if deep down you know it’s fazing you, do not proceed watching.

This act of self-control (also a “fruit” of the Holy Spirit) is good and pleasing to not only your future spouse, (or current one) but to your Holy Father in heaven who knows all your thoughts. Practice guarding your mind and heart for His sake, and He will empower you to walk in self-control.

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