I’m A Christian, I’m Single, & I Hate Valentine’s Day

I received an email this afternoon from a sister in Canada about feeling lonely every Valentine’s Day. Here was my response, and I pray it encourages you:

We must choose to trust Him. Do you really trust that He knows everything? Every outcome, every circumstance, every moment of our future? Do you trust that He is completely without fault, that He is sinless perfection, and most importantly, that He is literally Love itself?

Christ empathizes with your loneliness. For three days He was separated from His Father. When He died on the cross, it is implied in the Scriptures that He actually went to hell for us. Can you imagine that? The perfect Son of God who for all eternity was living in a place where He received adoration and worship from angels and experienced the fullness of the Father’s presence, saturated by love and joy forever, to then be torn from that place of honor, love, and joy into a world where He was hated and murdered? Then to experience spiritual death for us where there’s non-stop torment and blazing fire?

He knows what loneliness is, but unlike what Jesus experienced for three days on our behalf, we never have to experience separation from the Father.

You may not have an earthly man at this moment, but you do have a Heavenly Man!

This very morning I cried while in prayer and worship because I want children. He understands my desire, and as I brought it before Him, He comforted me and I am so thankful I’m able to experience Him so deeply because my pain draws me right into His loving arms. Let this sting of loneliness draw you closer to your Heavenly Father. Trust that you are single for a reason. You may ask Him for wisdom as to why (James 1), but whatever you do, don’t treat spending time with the King of the Universe as routine. Get real with Him. Don’t rush. Wake up early so you can take your time with Him. As you do this, He will begin to satisfy your longings, and when the time is right, if it’s in His good, pleasing, and acceptable will (Romans 12:2-3), He will bring you a husband.

Praying for you,


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