Single People: 11 Things You Need To Know About Preparing For Marriage

Last night I read a simple truth in the book, God Is A Matchmaker, by Derek & Ruth Prince, about how God brought Adam and Eve together. And there’s a process, and our God doesn’t change. He’s the same today, yesterday and forever. The process the book describes is:

1.) God initiated marriage. In other words, Adam had no part in planning it.

2.) The decision that the man was to marry came from God, not from the man.

3.) God knew the kind of helper the man needed. The man did not.

4.) God prepared the woman for the man.

5.) God presented the woman to the man. The man did not have to go in search of her.

6.) God ordained the nature of their life together. Its end purpose was unity.

7.) Jesus upheld God’s original plan of marriage as binding on all who become His disciples. It is still in force today.

What this means for us Christians is:

1.) We won’t get hitched because it’s our decision, but because it’s God’s.

2.) Christian men must trust The Lord to choose and prepare the helper he needs. Likewise, the Christian woman will trust her Heavenly Father to prepare her for the hubby He has appointed her.

3.) The Christian man who is obeying the will of the Lord, will see God bring him the bride He’s chosen and prepared for him. And the Christian woman will trust her King to lead her to the husband He has been preparing her.

4.) And finally, that the ultimate goal of marriage is the same goal God had for Adam and Eve: perfect unity.

All of these thoughts came directly from the book, some of them I said in my own words, but I totally agree with this couple in Christ and pray the wisdom God has given them can help you in wherever you find yourself in your walk with God.

Much love,


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