I’m Choosing Hell With My Boyfriend Rather Than Heaven With Jesus

I think girls stay on the road to hell with their boyfriend because they have truly yet to experience and engage the love of Jesus. Hence, they settle for this counterfeit love, with its many shortcomings; physical highs and emotional lows, verbal bruises, cuts and scars, fears and insecurities.

And sometimes, they are so deluded by this counterfeit love, they can’t imagine a better one exists, one that doesn’t hurt, that is always faithful and pure, that never abuses or mistreats, but rather tenderly cares for and heals.

They know of Jesus, but tragically, they just don’t know Him.

That was me.

I prayed every night to Jesus, but I didn’t know Him. I begged Him to make things work out with my then-boyfriend because I thought he held the best love I could ever receive. Until him, no guy ever loved me as much (though, sadly, now I know it was not true love, it wasn’t what God considers love, but it was a deep lust and infatuation).

I couldn’t stand the thought of losing him.

Until I heard God.

Jesus made it so clear that I needed to let this guy go. That he was not for me, but even more importantly, that he was not for Jesus.

When that hard truth was made known to me, I had two choices: choose him, or choose Jesus.

I tried to choose both at the same time before that moment, but it never worked.

And by God’s incredible love and grace, I made the right choice.

February 22nd, 2009, I said goodbye to my ex. I took my now shattered heart back, and placed it in Jesus’s hands. And He did a miracle.

In six days I was no longer crying, but rather, was filled with joy (so much so my mom thought I’d lost it).

I went from “needing” my ex, to only needing Jesus.

And the same thing that happened to me, can happen to you. The same God that happened to me, can happen to you.

The sacrifice: you must be willing to let go of everything and entrust your heart completely to Christ’s care.

I can promise you from experience, the only thing you will regret is not having done it sooner!

Praying for you, that you would be set free from the chains of counterfeit love so that you may run into the arms of True Love.

Jesus is calling.

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