I’m sick of searching. I need love and I need it now.

Dare I say Christ’s love isn’t enough?

He gave his face to be slapped and spit upon by mouths full of cursing.

He gave his body to be bare before all.

He gave his back to be whipped, ripped open to shreds of skin and gaping wounds that exposed his bones.

He gave his head to be pierced with a crown of thorns.

He gave his feet and hands to be impaled with five-inch nails.

He gave his arms to be stretched out of their sockets.

He gave his heart to be stabbed with a spear.

How can I dare trample his bloody sacrifice on that cross by seeking love from someone else and sinning against Him in the process?

How can I look away from the eyes of he who bled and died for me, and into someone else’s who never came close to sacrificing as much?

Do I not know the depth of your love? Have I become desensitized to the fact that you gave your only Perfect Son to take all the punishment I deserved? Am I too exposed to this truth that shook the world and is still transforming lives over two thousand years later?

Revive my heart with your love, Jesus. Make it real, make it known in my life. I want your love that never runs dry. I want your love that never gives up. I want your love that consumes. I want your love that heals.

Take my heart, it’s yours. Have it all.


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