Hug/Kiss Your Hubby Longer

For a short time, I began hugging my husband for twenty seconds. I had read somewhere that a woman’s brain releases chemicals that bond her to a man after hugging for twenty seconds or more. I tested the claim, and certainly felt happier/closer to my husband after our lengthy embrace.

But then we let stuff distract us.

Sure it’s important to clean up, go to work, and make dead-lines, but it’s even more important to grow your marriage.

So today a friend sent me this link about the “15 second kids experiment.” Basically, you kiss your spouse for fifteen seconds every day.

Again, I took the challenge. It certainly brought us closer. The little “pop kisses” we give each other aren’t as effective as the fifteen-second ones we did today. When the time was up, hubby said, “That’s it?”

Fifteen seconds really isn’t long at all, especially when you’re kissing the man God has gifted you with.

So from now on I will both hug my hubby for twenty seconds and kiss him for fifteen seconds every blessed day I have with him.

Married sisters, I pray you do the same.

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