Dating A Catholic

The following is an email I recently received from a sister in Christ:

I read your blog every now and then, and I like what you have to say concerning relationships and the Bible. I remember you mentioning somewhere that your husband used to be Catholic, and I was wondering what advice you would give to someone who is dating a Catholic. I have tried to talk to my boyfriend about what he believes and why he believes what the Catholic Church teaches, but it never seems to go anywhere. He ends up feeling attacked, which has never been my intention. I love him dearly, he is really the only guy who has treated me well, and I feel very conflicted and I do not know how to handle this.

Here was my response:

Oh dear sister! Praise God you are seeking wisdom and guidance. I pray the Lord honors your heart and blesses you with clarity by His goodness.

I dealt with that, but I was 110% willing and ready to break up with Jonathan if God did not get him out of the Catholic Church. I prayed diligently and earnestly, and God answered me clearly. He personally told me to not fret, to just be silent and pray for Jonathan, and on his own, without me yapping or telling him what to do, he read the bible, seeking answers because he wanted to know God, and the more he read the more he saw the contradictions and false doctrine in the Catholic Church. On his own, and with my praying for him behind his back, he left the Catholic Church, got baptized, got into a men’s bible study group and read the whole New Testament on his own.

So, if you are genuinely wanting God’s will for your life, and you prove that by seeking Him in prayer and fasting and His Word, He will direct your paths. I definitely say do NOT marry your boyfriend UNLESS he is a Christ follower, a Holy Spirit led man, not a catholic following, religious man.

Pray for him to be delivered from every lie, and [that Christ will] set him free. Don’t tell your boyfriend what he should do, just let him see your walk with Jesus. And if he does not leave that church, and proposes, do not say yes. God will show you if you should leave him or not.

I will keep you in prayer. Always trust God. His spouse for you is exactly what you need, so be careful to not choose a spouse yourself. If God wants you with this man, He will do the necessary work. Pray if he’s not for you, that God will break you up or make it clear. Show God you want His will for your life.

Much love to you sister!

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