What’s the Dress Code For Christian Sisters?

“Sensuality isn’t the same as beauty.”

To paraphrase something mentioned by a fellow brother in this powerful video, we can dress modestly, discretely, with wisdom and nobility, to where brothers can acknowledge we are beautiful, but not lust after us. But, we can also dress in a way that causes men to notice our bodies, a sensual way, which is not godly.

There isn’t any clear-cut rules in Scripture regarding a woman’s dress-code, however, there are those words again: modesty and discretion.

There’s appropriate attire for a woman who professes godliness and there is inappropriate attire for a woman who professes godliness.

I had to check my own wardrobe, knowing I do have form-fitting clothes. I believe this is a part of our walk that we sisters need to pray and seek wisdom on. I’m not going to give you a list of what-not-to-wear, but once you pray about it, the Holy Spirit will reveal what is proper and what is not.

We don’t have to dress like nuns. There is a way to dress elegantly and still be modest. May we all grow more holy and may our holiness be made manifest on the outside as well.

3 thoughts on “What’s the Dress Code For Christian Sisters?

  1. I remember going through some clothes to give away and get rid of, and there were some items I put my hand on to put up and God said, “Get rid of it,” the next one, “Give it away,” “Give it away,” “Get rid of it,” over and over. A lot of those items of clothing were clothes I used to wear to get a lustful reaction from men because I lusted to be lusted after. I still struggle with it from time to time, so I appreciate you for sharing this–thank you!

    1. Wow. I praise God for your honesty and transparency. Hearts like that are beautiful, because they are teachable and desire the Father’s will. Blessed to know you sister! Stay pure <33

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