My Husband Doesn’t Tell Me He Loves Me Often

We wives can put way too much stock in verbal affirmation. I personally believe we’re conditioned by rom-coms that when a guy says all the right things, he truly loves us.

But I’m here to tell you many husbands don’t love with words; they love with actions.

Many husbands show their love in the following ways:

1.) He’s protective.

Whether it’s making sure the doors are locked every night, going with you on errands, or buying a gun, he desires to keep you safe from harm.

2.) He wants to hang out.

If it’s renting a movie, going paint-balling, or just going for a simple walk, he shows his love by making time to be with you.

3.) He prays for you.

The people you take time to pray for are usually people you love. So if you’re married to a Christian man, chances are he’s keeping you covered in prayer.

4.) He desires you.

If hubby is initiating knowing you intimately, this is a form of showing he loves you. Just as talking to him and having him listen makes you feel loved, he feels loved when you both are intimate.

5.) He works.

I know times are very difficult, but even if your husband is looking for a job, it is because he loves you. He wants to provide for you.

These are just some ways husbands show they love their wives. Most aren’t caking on compliments and uttering Shakespeare.

So dear sisters, instead of looking for words of affirmation, acknowledge the actions your husband does that shows he loves you. He is with you for a reason, and if he is a Christian, that reason is because he loves you. And when it comes down to it, that old saying really is true: actions speak louder than words.

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