Revelation from my ex

A must-read for singles, those who are courting, and married couples alike!


exBeing single has always been a back and forth battle for me. And with the increase of those around me getting married and having babies, this issue has begun to rise up once again. I mean you are cool with being single when everyone else around you is. But it’s not until the majority of the people you know get married and start families, that you begin to wonder. Recently while having a chat with one of my ex-boyfriends some not so good stuff came up about those feelings.

Before I dedicated my life to the Lord I was in a relationship off and on for about 5 years. I have always been the long relationships type. I know it is mainly because I was always getting attached to people and wanted that one person to be it. You know the “it” I am referring to. I wanted that person to…

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Daughter of the King, married to a prince. Writer, actress, and my husband's side-kick filmmaker.

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