Witnessing to non-Christian women

Dear sisters,

If a non- Christian woman comes to you for advice, do not, I repeat, do not compromise the truth of Jesus Christ.

Do not worry about whether or not she will understand spiritual truths or receive Christ, for He is the one who removes scales. But please understand that it is the power of the simple, honest gospel, that brings people to Christ. It is not niceness, or eloquent speech, it is not anything you do, it is the Holy Spirit moving in a life and removing the veil that has blinded their eyes.

That is why people come to Christ even if the messenger is a hypocrite, because as long as the gospel is presented, he who has ears to hear will hear.

Your job as a Christian is to share the gospel in gentleness and truth. So when that non-Christian girl comes to you, do not be afraid. Even John the Baptist preached the unreserved truth to Herod about his sin, and Apostle Paul never watered down the truth when he was witnessing before unbelievers.

That precious woman needs Jesus, not good advice.

Share the gospel, and don’t worry about her response. Then keep her covered in prayer, and love her. Whether she avoids you from that point onward is of no importance. What is vital is that she hears the whole gospel. She cannot repent and be saved otherwise.

Praying for you princesses,


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