Those Girls Need More Than A Purity Sermon


I received an email today from a sister who leads a girls’ youth group. She was asking if I knew of any Christian resources on the topic of make-up. I don’t, except the bible, but truly, the young women in her group could probably benefit more from

prayer, encouragement, listening ears, hugs, food, basically practical displays of love, and a deep teaching of the Word.

Without prayer, you can pretty much throw in the towel for the souls of those God has entrusted you with. You have to realize their lives are being hunted by satan himself. The battle we wage is not against flesh-and-blood, but against spiritual forces of darkness.

So these girls you meet with need much more than a discussion on outward appearances. Before any of that even comes into play, the battle for their souls needs to be won. And soul-winning comes through prayer and the Word.

Cover those young women in prayer every day, and then speak the truth to them in love. They need to understand the gospel and truly receive Christ, then they need to be taught the deep riches of the Word.

If they have insecurity issues and think they need makeup, it’s a spiritual issue at play, a divine inner-healing that needs to take place and only God’s truth and prayer can deliver that freedom.

So I encourage you, if you are leading a youth group, love the girls by praying for them and putting a huge emphasis on the Word of God. Listen to their needs. Don’t just talk at them. Be there for them, give them your number. Let them know you’re available, that you have and will make time for them. And once you begin to disciple them in this way, you will see them start to stand on their own. They will flourish before your eyes, and the goal should be to get them to a place where they don’t need you anymore (the church does need one another, but we all have to grow to a place of maturity in our faith where even if our first mama in Christ leaves or dies, or God-forbid falls away, our faith isn’t shipwrecked).

May the girls you disciple grow to be strong women of God, holy and honorable, ready to disciple their own flock someday.


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