An Easy/Quick Way To Deepen Your Love For Your Spouse

Hubby and I did something great tonight that’s an easy and quick way to deepen our relationship and love for one another. We asked each other a few questions:

What is the one body part of mine that’s your favorite (e.g. eyes, smile, legs)?


What is your favorite character trait of mine (e.g. patience, kindness, gentleness, integrity)?

We both shared laughs and smiles and our love grew after discovering our answers. If you’re wondering, my favorite physical feature of Jonathan is his eyes, and his fave attribute of mine is my smile. And my favorite character trait of Jonathan’s is his calmness/patience, and his is my joy.

We plan on doing this every night. I encourage all married couples to do the same. Marriage is a life-long investment. Make every day count!

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