Red-flags When Getting To Know A Guy

Someone needed to read this, and to you I say please do not ignore your Heavenly Father’s warning.

Here are some red-flags men give that I thought about this morning:

• Quick tempered
• Gets angry over little things
• Uses drugs
• Cusses
• Controlling
• Listens to mostly secular music
• Gets drunk
• Disrespectful to his mother or father
• Still keeps in touch with his ex
• Has a girl “best friend”
• Rarely talks about God
• Talks a lot about himself
• Doesn’t know the bible
• Wants to hang out alone
• Compliments your appearance often

Real quick, I want to touch on a few of these. Why him having a girl best friend is a red-flag is because if you are eventually going to become his wife, you should be his only girl best friend. No woman needs to be that emotionally close to your man. That’s how feelings are messed with and let’s say you’re married and get into a fight and he calls her? See what I mean.

If he listens to secular music and prefers it over worship and Christian music, that means he doesn’t have a heart of worship toward God. He’s selfish and immature in his faith (if he even is a regenerated Christian), because he’d rather please his itching ears than his Holy God through worship which is a command. It is the essence of the true Christian; a heart of worship. If he does not care to worship God, does he really worship Him?

If he’s hot-headed, don’t ignore that. Anger issues means potential abuse issues, and if someone not going immediately after the light turns green causes him to blow a fuze, what will he do when the weight of marriage responsibilities presses down on him?

Opening your heart to a guy is one area you especially want to be cautious in. Because once you let him in, it’s extremely difficult to let him out. If the Holy Spirit churns within you at certain things he does, don’t ignore Him. Listen and run!

Did I miss any red-flags? Let me know in a comment.

3 thoughts on “Red-flags When Getting To Know A Guy

  1. He runs down your friends and slowly separates you from them. He starts running you down and telling you that HE’S the best you can do…. pressures you to do things . . .

  2. He doesn’t support your dreams.
    He judges your past sins and brings up your past every chance he gets. (One thing I can’t stand is a holier than thou “Christian”.)

    And this isn’t really a red flag but if you’re a catholic and he’s a baptist. And no one willing to change denomination when you both get married. That can cause conflicts when it comes to raising children, etc.

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